Ice Climbers
SSB Ice Climber Series
Availability Default
Series Ice Climber
First Appearance Ice Climber (1985)
Home Stage Icicle Ruins
Final Smash Iceberg


The Ice Climbers, named Ice Climber in Japan, are a pair consisting of a little boy named Popo and a little girl named Nana, who originate from the NES game Ice Climber. Though they have only had one single game of their own, aside from VS. Ice Climber, they have made frequent crossover appearances in other Nintendo games, including Game & Watch Gallery 4, WarioWare: Twisted!, WarioWare: Touched!, Tetris DS, a mention in Game & Watch Gallery 3, and another appearance in NES Remix. Both Ice Climbers are playable fighters in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Golden Eclipse.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Ice Shot - Each Ice Climbers fire a block of ice that travel along the ground, bouncing off walls. When used in midair, the Ice Climbers will gain a slight boost in the air, but it will only work once before landing on the ground. (1-3%)

> : Squall Hammer-  Both Ice Climbers spin around together while moving along the ground, consisting of many hits. It can also be used as a recovery move by mashing the special button, which causes both Ice Climbers to rise in the air. It gains more distance when both Ice Climbers are present. (2-3% (loop))

^ : Belay -  The leading Ice Climber throws the following Ice Climber in the air with a rope. The following Ice Climber then pulls the leader upwards. If there is a nearby edge, the following Climber will target it, leading to a safe recovery for both Ice Climbers. Each Ice Climber become helpless after the move is used. (16%)

v : Blizzard -  Each Ice Climbers blows icy wind from their hands, damaging nearby opponents. When the move is used on the ground, the partner will shoot in the direction opposite of the leader. (1-2%)

F : Iceberg -  The Ice Climbers summon a huge Iceberg into the middle of the field. Touching the iceberg results in freeze damage, and possibly becoming frozen. Being frozen when pushed off the edge can lead to a fatal death, as the frozen player falls with full speed. (2% (hit), 5% (frozen))

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