Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

SSB Ice Climber Series
Ice climbers

The blue-dressed one is Popo, the pink-dressed one is Nana, together they are the Ice Climbers! They are the most famous SSB couple and they haven't got changes from Omega so they can be controlled as their old style.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Ice Shot. Popo and Nana both throw an ice block. Each one inflicts 2% of damage.

Side Special: Squall Hammer. The Ice Climbers both spin 3 times. Each spin inflicts 3% of damage for a total of 18%.

Up Special: Belay. Popo launches Nana which has a rope. They use a slingshot-like effect to jump higher.

Down Special: Blizzard. The Ice Climbers shoot a little blizzard which inflicts 9% of damage and freezes the opponent.

Final Smash: Iceberg. For 15 seconds on the stage there is an iceberg. Every second touching the iceberg is 2% of damage except for the Ice Climbers.

Strife Smash: Stage Fall. A Polar Bear jumps on the stage and it will fall. Every one takes 37% of damage except for who's jumping and the Ice Climbers which will fly away.

Ability: Twins. You control Popo. Nana is for CPU but she can die without Popo. However, Popo is very weaker without Nana.   Ability: Climbing Shoes. Ice Climbers can't trip with a Banana Peel and they have the best traction (where you stop, they will do the same). The traction doesn't change on the ice.


  • In Brawl was Lucario to have the best traction in the game.

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