Ice Climbers: The Grand Adventure (or shortened IC:TGA) is the third Ice Climber game coming out on the Wii U. 


Popo and Nana were just getting ready to climb another mountain (like they usally do), but something was different. Popo noticed a slight glare next to the mountain they were heading for. They were curious, and followed the glare, which lead to a cave. Their buddy, Gigi, saw them, and as well was curious. Together, the three climbers got to the end of the glare. "Whoa" Popo said. It was a treasure chest, unlocked! inside was 1,000,000 coins and a golden star. " *.* WOW!". They carried all the gold to their parents. They would become rich. they finally found something else under all the golden things...............A map. Popo read as Nana and Gigi counted the coins. The map showed were more coins, more golden stars, and diamonds! But the diamonds, and the last star were on top of the Mountain of Death. The three traveled for all the treasure until they reached the Mountain of Death. It took hours of harsh beatings, until they FINALLY defeated the King Condor and gor the last star, as well as more coins and diamonds.


Character Name Weapons/ weapon damage
Popo  (100 HP) *Wooden Sledge Hammer   -9 each  *Ice chain  - 4 each
Nana  (95 HP) *Wooden Sledge Hammer   -8 each  *Giant Snow Ball -5 each
Gigi (115 HP) *Wooden Slege Hammer  -8 each  *Sharp Icycal  -6 each

Popo and Nana, two of the three ice climbers


  • Baby Polar Bear  (unlockable by finding and defeating the Polar King)

Attacks:* Bite  -4 each  *Dig hole, push in, cover  -14 (only usable 1 time in every level) *Snowball  -5 each




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