Ice Breaker
Full Name Ice Breaker
Current Age 26
Date of Birth February 18
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location Pader City?
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Height 6'4"
Ice Breaker is a character who first appeared in Tessellate: Mind Games. She's a self-proclaimed superhero without any supernatural abilities. She is extremely agile, flexible and quick, due to her thin exterior. Despite looking weak, she is very tough and powerful, who can easily bring down enemies the size of the Hulk. Even though she is very powerful, she is a hopeless romantic, and can easily fall in love with someone, bringing her guard down immensely.


History with Vertigo

Ice Breaker and Vertigo have a troubled past together. She learned about an evil dictator who thought he could control everyone with money, and made it her mission to bring him down, however instead of doing so, she fell in love with him, Vertigo. She later discovered that he invested money into a cloning machine, to clone Ice Breaker into an robotic dominatrix that would do his bidding. 

After learning this, she left immediately, with a broken heart. 


Ice Breaker has a very simple appearance, she has crystal blue eyes and long blonde hair. She wears a dark blue bodysuit from her shoulders to the middle of her legs, just over her knees. She then wears knee-high boots of the same colour.


Ice Breaker is very independent, and hates to rely on other people for help when she is forced to. She is very serious and knowledgeable, and appreciates being in charge. 

However, she is very isolated and lonely, so to aid this she throws herself at lovers, as she is a hopeless romantic. This often leads to her heart breaking. She manages to get over these heart breaks eventually, and resume her normal life as a special agent, however, Vertigo left the biggest hole in her heart, and she doesn't understand why. She wants to return to him to get more answers but she doesn't want to risk falling back in love with him, and being used again.

She is also an alcoholic between lovers, to try and fill the void of not having a special someone in her life.


Ice Breaker is very quick, agile and flexible, which allows her to jump quite highly, run very quickly, and move around very precisely. She is very good at sneaking into places, and is able to hold her own in a fight. She is powerful and skilled in combat, making her a serious threat to opponents.

She doesn't tend to use weapons, as they will weigh her down, and she can deal more damage on her own regardless, or so she believes.


Tessellate: Mind Games

Ice Breaker makes her playable debut in Mind Games.



Vertigo is one of Ice Breaker's ex-lovers, who was planning to clone her into a robotic machine.


  • She shares her birthday with Queen Mary I, otherwise known as Bloody Mary.