Ice Bob-Omb
The Ice Bob-Omb's appearance
Species Origin Bob-Omb
Alignment Evil
First Appearance Super Mario 3DS
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy
Koopa Troopa
An Ice Bob-Omb first appears in Super Mario 3DS. It acts the same as a normal Bob-Omb, except when it explodes, it freezes anything near it.


The Ice Bob-Omb is a giant block of ice, with a fuse, two white eyes, two Bob-Omb legs, and a wind-up on its back.

Game Appearances

Super Mario 3DS

The Ice Bob-Omb makes its first appearance in this game. It walks around and its fuse lights when the player walks near it. It chases the player just like a normal Bob-Omb.

Super Mario Smash Bros.

It appears as an item, like the Bob-Omb. It sits when it first appears, and if left alone too long, the Ice Bob-Omb begins to wander around. Once it explodes, nearby players are frozen in a block of ice.

New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy

The Ice Bob-Omb is planned to appear in this game. It functions the same as in Super Mario 3DS, except it doesn't light its fuse when it's near a player. Its fuse only lights when stomped on.


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