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Ibism, the replacement Volt.
Full Name Ibism
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Location Svarga
Current Status Alive
Class Threat's Boyfriend
Family and Relations
The Threat (girlfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Electricity

Ibism is a character that debuted in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. He is the Threat's boyfriend, although he's not entirely sure what she sees in him. He looks similar to Volt, which has raised a lot of rumors that Threat is actually in love with Volt, or that they had a past relationship, although Volt has denied these rumors and says Ibism looks "absolutely nothing like" him.


Ibism is a blue sparkling with a yellow glow radiating from out of him. He has a diamond shaped head and diamond shaped eyes and mouth. He wears a purple scarf with The Threat's insignia on it.


Ibism is actually kind of a bore to be around. He doesn't like to start conversations or engage with anyone, and seems barely aware of his relationship.


The Threat



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