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The fourth boss of Okami 3 (name subject to change), and coveted subordinate to Shuten Doji. She is a 6 foot oni, aiding in Shuten Doji's rampage through villages and villages, prepping whatever she can gather for Shuten Doji to eat. She seeks to prep the celestial gods to the best of her abilities for Shuten Doji's feast. 

Boss Battle

techniques necessary: galestorm, power slash, fire, waterspout

Part way through the demon's camp in Mt. Ooe, Kuni encounters Ibaraki Doji, dual wielding a set of Oni Clubs as long as she is tall. The fight takes place on a wooden platform hanging over lava while a set of bow wielding demons stand around the perimeter of the lava pool.

swing combo: swings with left club, then right. Deals a unit of damage each swipe. Usually chains into a club slam.

club slam: wields clubs above her head and leaps at Kuni, trying to slam them on him. Deals 2 units of damage.

charging slash: plants the tip of each club on the ground on either side of her, rushes towards Kuni (dragging the tips along the ground), and tries to swing both clubs upwards at him when she gets close enough. Deals 2 units of damage. It should be noted that, instead of making a bee line across the stage, she homes in on Kuni.

flame charge: charges up one of her clubs with fire. Doesn't deal damage itself. Can be undone with waterspout, bring items that leave water on the field or wield a weapon with water properties.

fire sweep: when a club is charged, she swings it, sending forth a flaming crescent shaped slash across the arena. The club itself deals a unit of damage while the sweeping crescent deals half a unit of damage and burns Kuni. the crescent also leaves parts of the arena in flames. Can be undone with galestorm.

fire shockwave: when a club is charged, she slams it into the arena, sending a ring shaped fire blast around her. The slam deals 2 units of damage while the ring deals half a unit of damage and burns Kuni. This doesn't leave flames.

flaming charge slash: when a club is charged, she plants the tips of her clubs on the ground at either side, charges at Kuni (dragging each club across the ground), and slashes upwards at Kuni when she gets close. Deals 2 and a half units of damage, deals burns, and leaves a trail of fire where she dragged it. The fire can be undone with galestorm or waterspout.

block: holds clubs horizontally to block attacks. If Kuni strikes while she's in this pose, he'll be parried. Ibaraki Doji will likely go into another attack. If Ibaraki Doji's power slashed while in this pose, she'll be open to attack.

fire block: blocks while a club is charged. If Kuni attacks, in addition to the aforementioned actions, Kuni will be burned. Can break her guard with power slash and/or waterspout.

During the fight, Ibaraki tries to cover a lot of area with her attacks. Especially more so when her clubs become engulfed in flames. Look for openings in her attacks, use power slash on her when she blocks to leave her especially vulnerable.

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