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Ib is a 3D platformer adventure runner game released in 2020 as a launch title for the FlexiCon.


The plot revolves around Ib, an alien of the Ob species. He lives in a society on Planet Ob, where Obs rule and humans are forced to live in tiny villages, even though they came to the planet first. Ib sees the good in humans, while other Obs think of them as dangerous creatures.

Ib recieves a letter from an anonymnous source asking him to come to the Human Temple immediately. After leaving the City Gate and enter Humanstown, the biggest human village, he discovers the Temple. Inside he is attacked by humans. After punching and stomping them, he finds another letter detailing how humans are becoming more and more angry and are plotting to take over the planet. Even though Ib thinks humans aren't dangerous, he decides to protect his people and embarks on a quest to Badalad Castle, the "source of the uprising". This segment takes up 4 levels.

Meanwhile, a man named King Badalad is building a robotic suit and commanding an army to conquer the Obs. He also has a secret weapon which is not yet revealed.

After leaving Humanstown, Ib travels across the country and occasionally encounters small human military camps, which are being run by Badalad. Along the way he encounters many physical obstacles to jump and duck over as well as Badalads, the minions of King Badalad. this segment takes up 26 levels.

After clearing the Country, Ib reaches the courtyard of the castle. He breaks down the door and explores the massive castle. After 10 levels, Ib is caught and thrown into the dungeons. There, he meets another human, an old man,who had sent the letter. Ib tells him he should negotiate peacefully with the humans, but the old man tells him the humans no longer want to take over- only Badalad, because he went mad after being attacked by an Ob when he was younger.

Ib decides the only way to restore peace is to stop Badalad. Freeing the man, he spends 6 levels escaping the dungeons. He then spends 4 levels exploring a facility at the top of the castle, where the secret weapon is revealed- it is a huge meteor which the castle was built around, which has finally been unearthed. They are going to fire it at Ob Main City wi9th a gigantic slingshot. Ib dismisses the idea as silly, to Badalad's annoyance. Badalad then leaves to the Operations Centre, where he will release the meteor. Ib makes his way to the Operations Centre for 9 levels, and then fights Badalad in an epic boss fight.

After Badalad is defeated and imprisoned, Ib returns to Ob Main City. The Obs are preparing to fight the humans, but Ib explains that the humans mean no harm. The Obs let the humans into the city, and peace is restored as Ib is hailed as a hero.


The gameplay is similar to an endless runner game, except that it is divided into levels. The player can perform actions by doing the corresponding gesture with the FlexiGrips. Jumping is performed by flicking the Grips upwards; flicking them forwards causing Ib to charge. There are also aerial moves, such as the ground pound and flying kick, that require similar gestures. Each move has a cooldown except for jump.

Any level can be replayed and there are different collectibles to find in each level, as well as "speed rewards" for beating certain levels in a set amount of time.


Ib received mostly positive reviews from critics. IGN said, "This game is a great launch title for the FlexiCon. Not only does it utilize the unique controls of the FlexiCon in a fun and exciting way, it's a great take on a popular game style that you won't find with any other game." IGN rated it 9 out of 10. Most critics rated it between 8 and 9 out of 10.

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