Ib is a 3D action-adventure game released as a launch title for the Sens in 2020 by Sens Inc. The game involves playing as a "hero's assistant" to Ib, an overly confident video-game hero who has to rescue a princess from a monster. The player uses the EyeGear eye-tracking controller to move objects as Ib runs, jumps and fights through 3D environments.


The player is Ib's assistant, and, using the EyeGear, can move objects to help him on his quests. This includes moving platforms to help Ib get around, moving enemies and their projectiles, solving puzzles by moving items, and even buying items by moving things.

There is also an element of exploration, as by moving objects you can decide Ib's path. Ib will often take the worst possible path and try to jump straight into action, so you need to learn his behaviour and be able to counteract it.

At shops, Ib will often try to spend cash on useless items. Moving better items in front of him can influence his decision.

There are three worlds- Ecoworld (a rainforest), Metroworld (a giant city) and Psychoworld (A surreal world). Each world consists of twenty stages and has a boss and a miniboss.

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