Attention Intruder! YOU are not allowed here! Prepare to suffer my wrath!
I Mage Statue Object Protector, Super Mario: An Evil Rising

I Mage Statue Object Protector
The Robotic Monster.
Current Status Blown to bits
I Mage, I Mage Statue
Main Weapon(s) Eye, hands
Ability/ies Eye Laser, Hand Smash
Vulnerable To Eye
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
The I Mage Statue Object Protector, or I.M.S.O.P. for short, is a robot built by the I Mage to protect objects after he transforms into his statue form.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In it's debut appearance, it appears after a missle heading for Toad Town is transformed into a Banzai Bill by the I Mage Statue. Mario then transformed into Tanooki Mario and went after the Banzai Bill. When Mario got on board, he was challenged by the I.M.S.O.P. When Mario won, the Banzai Bill fell into the ocean near Yoshi's Island.

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