I Mage Statue
The statue.
Item Type Magic
Kind of Item Statue
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Transforms object's shape, size, and power.
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I Mage

The I Mage Statue is a statue with the power to change the shape, size, and power of an object. Inside it is the spirit of the I Mage.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

This statue appeared after Luigi transformed I Mage into the statue. The statue remained under Toad Town until it was full of magic and hatred and summoned the Mushroom Behemoth. The Mushroom Kingdom was nearly doomed until Donkey Kong came and used the Behemoth Wand to trap the monster, then the statue was in Princess Peach's Castle for centuries as a secret until it was moved to the Toadus Museum. Then, the spirit of Toadus gave King K. Rool the statue to stop the process of the Mushroom Behemoth from being revived. Then Wario found it at the volcano at Donkey Kong Island after Mario defeated Tanooki K. Rool. Later, the Mushroom Behemoth was revived and I Mage was released from the statue.