II Piantissimo is the first character in Battle Theater and a default character, playing the role of the balanced character who is usually Mario in most umbrellas. He was revealed on January, 29th.


Up Side Down Standard Best Action Best Drama Best Comeback

Flag Climb

A pole with a pianta flag sprouts out of the ground. Piantissimo can use it to get into the air, but it doesn't work in mid-air and must be climbed.

Blooper Surfing

A random blooper appears and Piantissimo begins surfing on it. This move works similarly to the Wario Bike, being fast and powerful but hard to control.

There are three bloopers: yellow(slow, good control), green (balanced), pink (fast, bad control).

Sand Slide

Piantissimo falls onto his stomach and begins sliding. It will stop when Piantissimo crashes into anything, but its a good way to get distance.

Paintbrush Swipe

Piantissimo swipes at the opponent with his paintbrush. It'll poison them.

Shine Gate

The Shine Gate appears behind Piantissimo and blasts shine sprites in all directions to do massive damage.

Pianta Celebration

Piantas gather around Piantissimo and begin dancing in a parade to give him a large amount of Ratings.

Paint Shield

Piantissimo draws a shield of paint around himself, draining Ratings from anyone who hits the shield.


II Piantissimo is a balanced character who has no strengths or weaknesses, being a good choice for beginners or a reliable one for veterans.

Alternate Costumes

  • Blue Pianta
  • Green Pianta
  • Yellow Pianta
  • Pink Pianta
  • Red Pianta
  • Tropical Outfit
  • Black Pianta

Trophy Description

"Who the fuck is this? I thought Mario was going to be the balanced character! Instead, we get this asshole. He's an egotistical pianta poser who is regarded by the piantas to be a creep, and they aren't wrong. He challenges Mario for races in his home game, and uses Sunshine themed attacks in Battle Theater. How can he win the audience over with that face?

2002 - Super Mario Sunshine"


  • Series: SSBMarioSymbol
  • Entrance: Piantissimo jumps in triumphantly.
  • Victory: Piantissimo does the Pianta Dance.
  • Theme Song: Shine Get!
  • Taunts:
    • Piantissimo does a hearty laugh.
    • Piantissimo draws a portrait of himself with his paintbrush.
    • Piantissimo eats a random fruit from Super Mario Sunshine.

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