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The Mysterious Mr. ?: 22 Fantendoverse celebrities.

Hark: Only one winner.

Mr. ?: Will they get on?

Hark: Will they get it on?

Mr. ?: We will find out in...


Mr. ?: We're here in the middle of nowhere... with 11 famous guys.

Hark: Yep, you guessued it, King Plumber's Army!

Mr. ?: Uhh, and 11 famous girls. To live in captivity with little food in the rainy jungle of Peaceful Plains.

Hark: While we stay in a luxury 6 star hotel. GIMME FIVE BRO!

Mr. ?: And your all here to control their lives for the next 4 weeks!

Hark: Now, what they think is filming a happy jungle game show. But they are little aware of their new home for the next month, here's a VT on how they arrived at their hotel, in their last night of luxury.

A car pulls up outside of a hotel, paparazzi are outside and a figure steps out of the red carpet.

Ella: The names Ella, Ella Metals.

Hark: Ella Metals, arguably Fantendo's Most Popular Female Protagonist. Controller of metal, she's here to test her skills, all the way from VineVille.

Ella is escorted through a few rooms, and lead to a view of a beach on a balcony with a 22 seat table.

Mr. ?: Next up is Strafe, a bounty hunter from Noah, will he be here for a well earned break?

Strafe: Testing my physical skill eh? Let's see if it will be a challenge.

Strafe fends off the body guards and finds his way to the balcony.

Strafe: (looks at Ella) W-w-wo... Hello

Ella: Hello, my names Ella, Ella Metals.

Strafe: Strafe, urr... Strafe. Nice to meet you, Ella.

Ella: Yeah, I guess! (giggles)

Strafe: I- I must say Ella, your one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.

Ella: Why thank you.

(back at the red carpet)

Mr. ?: Here comes John Mogwai, with his trademark clothes and innapropriate mind, this is going to be interesting.

John Mogwai: (walks to the balcony) He see's Ella facing Strafe, seemingly looking like they are kissing).

Ella: I protected my city from a crimewave, a -

John: Hey, hey, hey! What have we here.

Strafe: What?

John: I saw you there, with a pretty woman like this one, and you are called?

Ella: Ella, Ella Metals.

Hark: I think we should stop that right there.

Mr. ?: By throwing in another!

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