Hyrule Warriors: Trinity
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Series The Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors
Predecessor Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors: Trinity is the reboot and restructuring of the Hyrule Warriors series; it is said to be very innovative and expansive compared to the past installment.


eShop Summary

The story of this tale of Hyrule starts all the way back at the very beginning of Hyrule, when only the Light and Dark forces existed, both constantly trying to win the universe for their own designs.

When the 3 goddesses descended and created Hyrule, their leftover essence collectively formed the goddess Hylia, giving her a mission which she must accept at all cost: protect the newly-created Triforce from the forces of evil at all costs. The darkness didn't like this, so in response, they created a Triforce of their own, and incarnated the 3 fractals into demons: Demise, the demon of Death; Majora, the demon of Destruction; and Vaati, the demon of Lies. Hiding these 3 fractals inside the souls of the demons, the forces of darkness waited patiently for someone evil and corrupt enough to wield its power.

When the demon lord Ganondorf learns of this, he is determined to use this anti-Triforce (known as the Tripathy) to conquer Hyrule and rule it with an iron fist; of course, this is something Link, the Hero of Time and Zelda, the Goddess' descendant will not stand for, as they then become determined to defeat the tyrannical despot.


Chapter 1: The War of the Hylians
Chapter 2: Stone Tower Jailbreak
Chapter 3: Darkness Gathers
Chapter 4: For Every Evil, A Good
Chapter 5: Trinity Confrontation

Chapter 1: The Demon King's Legend
Chapter 2: Rise of the Dark Wizard
Chapter 3: Moonfall Time
Chapter 4: The Final Crusade
Chapter 5: Escape from the Underworld


Character weapons are divided into six elemental categories.

  • Light Medallion Light-elemental weapons are related to light or magic in some form. They gain slight boosts in attack over time when constantly attacking an enemy.
  • Fire Medallion Fire-elemental weapons are related to fire in any name, shape, or form. They can cause enemies to be set on fire, which makes them give off explosions when they hit the ground.
  • Water Medallion Water-elemental weapons are related to water or ice. They can cause bubbles of water to surround an enemy for a short time, causing damage over time.
  • Forest Medallion Forest-elemental weapons are related to either plant life or wind. They have the ability to occasionally siphon items, magic, SP, or even health from opponents.
  • Spirit Medallion Spirit-elemental weapons are related to earth or electricity. They cause extra electricity damage to opponents in the air, making them useful juggling tools.
  • Shadow Medallion Shadow-elemental weapons are related to darkness or evil, and are mostly used by villain characters. They have the same attack boost effect as Light-elemental weapons, but it triggers when repeatedly attacking a group of enemies.
Name Description Role Alt. Costumes Weaponry
Link Son of the bank owner of Termina's Clock Town, Link has been raised there since his birth in the mountains; a new recruit to the Terminian army, he is unknowingly a part of  the most ancient legend of both Hyrule and Termina... Triforce Incarnation; Triforce of Courage.
  • Goron Tunic
  • Zora Tunic
  • Dark Link
  • Master Sword Light Medallion
  • Fierce Deity's Mask Shadow Medallion
  • Bug Net Forest Medallion
  • Gauntlets Spirit Medallion
  • Fishing Rod Water Medallion
  • Fire Rod Fire Medallion
Zelda Princess of Hyrule, Zelda was partially responsible for the war between Hyrule and Termina: her devotion to the Golden Goddesses had caused her to hear her people's cries for war when the Terminian people planned to construct a colony on land sacred to the Hyrulian inhabitants; unknowingly, she's completely unaware of the cruel and evil plans the Gerudo King Ganondorf has for both Hyrule and Termina... Triforce Incarnaton; Triforce of Wisdom.
  • Princess Hilda
  • Queen Zelda
  • Skyward Sword
  • Rapier Light Medallion
  • Dominion Rod Shadow Medallion
  • Wind Waker Forest Medallion
  • Harp Spirit Medallion
  • Great Fairy's Sword Water Medallion
  • Phantom Guards Fire Medallion
Lana A mystic sorceress descended from Hylia herself, Lana is also the physical incarnation of the Triforce of Power, which augments her magical skills to a very powerful level; due to the rising conflict, she's gradually being drawn into it, as the conflict will end up being a battle that will determine the world's fate... Triforce Incarnation; Triforce of Power.
  • Cia Coloration
  • Guardian of Time
  • Goddesses' Spells Light Medallion
  • Scepter Shadow Medallion
  • Poe Lantern Forest Medallion
  • Book of Sealing Spirit Medallion
  • Deku Spear Water Medallion
  • Summoning Gate Fire Medallion
Rauru Sage of Light
  • Gaepora
  • Kaepora Gaebora Light Medallion
Midna Sage of Shadow
  • Power of Twilight Shadow Medallion
Darmas Sage of Fire
  • Powder Keg Fire Medallion
Mikau Sage of Water
  • Fishbone Guitar Water Medallion
Skull Kid Sage of Forest
  • Deku Slingshot Forest Medallion
Keeta Sage of Spirit
  • Ikanian Blade Spirit Medallion
Ganondorf Tripathy Incarnation; Tripathy of Death.
  • Great Blade Shadow Medallion
  • Armor of Darkness Shadow Medallion
Majora Tripathy Incarnation; Tripathy of Destruction.
  • Majora's Javelin Shadow Medallion
  • Demon's Top Spirit Medallion
Vaati Tripathy Incarnation; Tripathy of Deception.
  • Urn of Winds Forest Medallion
  • The Magic Cap Shadow Medallion
Ghirahim Prophet of Light
  • Demon Blade Light Medallion
Zant Prophet of Shadow
  • Dual Scimitars Shadow Medallion
Volga Prophet of Fire
  • Dragonbone Pike Fire Medallion
Morpha Prophet of Water
  • Water Core Water Medallion


Prophet of Forest
  • Cursed Branch Forest Medallion
Onox Prophet of Spirit
  • Desert Flail Spirit Medallion
Ganon Beast of Demolishing;
Endgame Reward (Villain Campaign)
  • Tripathy Trident (All; it's just that awesome)

Supporting Characters

Name Description Role Alt. Costumes Weaponry
Tingle Mapmaker; Companion
  • Balloon Fire Medallion
Impa Hylian General
  • Naganita Fire Medallion
Guru-Guru Traveling Circus worker; Companion.
  • Music Box Forest Medallion
Happy Mask Salesman Mask Salesman; all-knowing Companion.
  • Mask Collection Light Medallion
Mikael The Garo Guardian
  • Classic Garo (brown cloak, silver mask)
  • Garo Master (indigo cloak, gold mask)
  • Master Quest (gray cloak, bronze mask).
  • Twinmold's Remains Spirit Medallion
  • Executioner's Axe Shadow Medallion
Evi The Wandering Sheikah
  • Sheikah Staff Spirit Medallion
  • Bag of Tricks Spirit Medallion

Hyrule & Termina

Battle Maps


  • This iteration features a primarily orchestrated soundtrack.

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