Hyrule Warriors: Trinity
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Series The Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors
Predecessor Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors: Trinity is a hack-and-slash adventure game released for the Hyrule Warriors series on the RiiVolution Advance, and a retelling of the story of the Triforce in a brand-new persepctive, with a brand-new force causing an awakening in the lands of Hyrule and Termina.



The story of this tale starts all the way back at the very beginning of Hyrule, when only the Light and Dark forces existed, both constantly trying to win the universe for their own designs.

When the 3 goddesses descended and created Hyrule, their leftover essence collectively formed the goddess Hylia, giving her a mission which she must accept at all cost: protect the newly-created Triforce from the forces of evil at all costs. The darkness didn't like this, so in response, they created a Triforce of their own, and incarnated the 3 fractals into demons: Demise, the demon of Death; Majora, the demon of Destruction; and Vaati, the demon of Lies. Hiding these 3 fractals inside the souls of these demons, the forces of darkness waited patiently for someone evil and corrupt enough to wield its power.

Now it's centuries later, and Hyrule and its people are at odds with their neighbors in the Land of Termina - namely, over a key piece of ground; where Hyrule's people think it sacred ground that should NEVER be tampered with, Termina's people see it as a prime place for an international market. Hyrule's people are OUTRAGED at Termina's attempt to monopolize sacred ground, with many of them crying to their ruler, Princess Zelda, who has been left little option - with the only one left being war.

The story opens with the armies of Termina preparing for war in South Clock Town's main square, with Link training among them; though Link's initially unsure of the war he now finds himself fighting in, his best friend, Darmas the Goron, assured him that this path was necessary if it was to settle the differences Hyrule and Termina had. Grabbing his Gauntlets, Link readied himself for battle.

Hero Chapter 1: Siege of Clock Town
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This battle takes place in the Termina Field map.
  • Playable Characters: Link (Gauntlets), Darmas (Powder Keg), Skull Kid (Woodland Tricks).
  • Friendly Infantry: Termina Soldiers, Goron Soldiers.
  • Enemy Captains: Zelda (Rapier), Impa (Giant's Knife), Ganondorf (Great Blades).
  • Enemy Forces: Hylian Soldiers, Gerudo Soldiers.
  • Boss(es): Aquamentis (Ferocious and Ancient Dragon)

Battling their way through Hyrule's forces and taking down the keeps in their way, Link, Darmas and Skull Kid eventually catch the attention of Impa the Sheikah, one of Zelda's two generals and the leader of the Clock Town attack, who manages to distract Darmas and force Skull Kid to fall back, leaving Link to face Impa alone; though outmatched, Link defies all the odds and overwhelms the Sheikah general with his courage, impressing Darmas as well. It looks like Link has her cornered, until Ganondorf, Zelda's other general, comes to her rescue with a reinforcement of Gerudo troops.

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Taking host to a wide array of playable characters, Trinity has enough diversity and representation among them, with some characters from the past entry being condensed into new weapons and some characters' weapons getting their element changed.

Character weapons have an elemental attunement, each having a different effect:

  • Light Medallion Light-elemental weapons are related to light or magic in some form. They gain slight boosts in attack over time when constantly attacking an enemy.
  • Fire Medallion Fire-elemental weapons are related to fire in any name, shape, or form. They can cause enemies to be set on fire, which makes them give off explosions when they hit the ground.
  • Water Medallion Water-elemental weapons are related to water or ice. They can cause bubbles of water to surround an enemy for a short time, causing damage over time.
  • Forest Medallion Forest-elemental weapons are related to either plant life or wind. They have the ability to occasionally siphon items, magic, SP, or even health from opponents.
  • Spirit Medallion Spirit-elemental weapons are related to earth or electricity. They cause extra electricity damage to opponents in the air, making them useful juggling tools.
  • Shadow Medallion Shadow-elemental weapons are related to darkness or evil, and are mostly used by villain characters. They have the same attack boost effect as Light-elemental weapons, but it triggers when repeatedly attacking a group of enemies.
Name Description Role Weaponry
Link Found in the mountains of Snowhead when he was just a baby, Link would later be raised by the Clock Town postman, who would regard the boy as his own son; Link later would be one of the most friendly faces in town, as he would join the town's resident secret society the Bombers and even make friends with the Goron Elder's son Darmas and the mischief-making Skull Kid. But when the tides of war came to his home, Link found himself in the Terminian Army, training to fight for the battle with Hyrule. Triforce Incarnation; Triforce of Courage.
  • Master Sword Light Medallion
  • Fierce Deity's Mask Shadow Medallion
  • Bug Net Forest Medallion
  • Gauntlets Spirit Medallion
  • Fishing Rod Water Medallion
  • Magical Rod Fire Medallion
Zelda Princess of Hyrule and renowned for her wisdom (especially at her age), Zelda leads the Hyrulian Forces against Termina in the coming war, with her generals Impa, leader of the Sheikah, and Ganondorf, king of the Gerudo; with her strategic prowess and skill with a Rapier, the Princess will be a formidable opponent that Termina will face in the coming war, but she's all but unaware that Ganondorf is plotting to overthrow both lands. Triforce Incarnaton; Triforce of Wisdom.
  • Rapier Light Medallion
  • Dominion Rod Shadow Medallion
  • Wind Waker Forest Medallion
  • Harp Spirit Medallion
  • Great Fairy's Sword Water Medallion
  • Phantom Guards Fire Medallion
Lana A sorceress from a long-running tribe of magicians who's techniques have been passed down through the ages, Lana has been keeping the forces of evil at bay for years without many people even knowing she existed; she's been busy stopping and defeating the plans of many forces of darkness, and imprisoning them before they can cause more chaos.

But lately her fight is becoming more and more desparate as more evil forces begin to rise up, due to a coming storm that will affect the destiny of both Hyrule and Termina...

Triforce Incarnation; Triforce of Power.
  • Triforce Spells Light Medallion
  • Scepter Shadow Medallion
  • Poe Lantern Forest Medallion
  • Book of Sealing Spirit Medallion
  • Deku Spear Water Medallion
  • Summoning Gate Fire Medallion
Rauru A teacher in the art of Loftwing riding, Rauru's teachings and skills with the birds of the world have allowed him to see and experience things like no-one else before him has; his teachings have reached many of the peoples in the world, with his most notable student being Princess Zelda herself, and his knowledge of all things avian has earned him the title "The Great Birdman". He even has a nesting place somewhere in the world, which could be in danger from the coming war. Sage of Light
  • Scepter of Wings Light Medallion
Midna The youngest and most impish of the Twili people, Midna's rebellious and snarky attitude is only exceeded by her enmity with the Twilight King Zant, who rules over the Twili and makes decisions that often only benefit himself or cost innocent people their lives, whereas she believes in peace and treating the other races with respect and dignity so that they would do the same. But with Zant wanting into the Hyrule/Termina war, Midna is slowly being put into a position where she may have to fight for people's genuine freedom. Sage of Shadow
  • Fused Shadows Shadow Medallion
Darmas One of Link's best friends, Darmas is the son of the Goron Elder Darmani the Third, and the protegé of Medigoron, maker of the Powder Keg; while he's prideful and headstrong, Darmas's heart is always in the right place when it comes to the important matters, and his friendship with Link and the Skull Kid always comes first in his day-to-day life.

But that friendship could end up being tested when Termina ends up going to war with the neighboring land of Hyrule.

Sage of Fire
  • Powder Keg Fire Medallion
Mikau A disillusioned Zora warrior that's taken to playing the guitar, Mikau's enjoyed the life of a Zora Warrior with all the benefits: becoming a hailed hero of his people, getting the attention of the most beautiful woman in his town, and being praised everywhere he went; but when his parents died from a sickness induced by a mysterious plague, Mikau quickly found that heroics don't matter when it comes to the things that matter most. Now he spends his days fishing and playing the guitar. Sage of Water
  • Fishbone Guitar Water Medallion
Skull Kid An impish being who befriended the Four guardian Giants of the Termina region, Skull Kid's mischief-making personality can make him a pain in the side to those who he likes to play pranks on, but for those who are friends with him, they can enjoy his company and share insights; Link and Darmas first met the Skull Kid during one Carnival of Time, when he went to the top of the Clock Tower with them to say hi to his friends before they went to sleep again. And when the fog of war drifts into Termina, the Skull Kid is determined to help his friends in any way he can. Sage of Forest
  • Woodland Tricks Forest Medallion
Keeta Formerly the most decorated soldier in the Army of Ikana Kingdom, Captain Skull Keeta passed away decades ago, but that doesn't mean he doesn't stop fighting: after his kingdom was ruined by war and greed, Keeta's spirit couldn't rest properly, so now he wanders his kingdom, longing for a purpose in a world that slowly forgets his kingdom; he isn't totally alone, however, as Lana sympathizes with the revenant warrior and often visits him at Ikana Graveyard. Sage of Spirit
  • Arsenal of King Ikana Spirit Medallion
Ganondorf Tripathy Incarnation; Tripathy of Death.
  • Great Blades Shadow Medallion
  • Demon King's Tripathy Shadow Medallion
Majora Tripathy Incarnation; Tripathy of Destruction.
  • Chaos Trident Shadow Medallion
  • Demon's Top Spirit Medallion
Vaati Tripathy Incarnation; Tripathy of Deception.
  • Urn of Winds Forest Medallion
  • The Magic Cap Shadow Medallion
Ghirahim Prophet of Light
  • Demon Blade Light Medallion
Zant Prophet of Shadow
  • Dual Scimitars Shadow Medallion
Volga Prophet of Fire
  • Dragonbone Pike Fire Medallion
Morpha Prophet of Water
  • Water Core Water Medallion
Odolwa Prophet of Forest
  • Cursed Branch Forest Medallion
Onox Prophet of Spirit
  • Desert Cleaver Spirit Medallion
Ganon Endgame Reward
  • Dark Beast Power (All Elements)


Name Description Role Weaponry
Impa Hyrulian General
  • Giant's Knife Water Medallion

Hyrule & Termina

Battle Maps


  • This iteration features a primarily orchestrated soundtrack.