Hyrule Castle Town
Hyrule Castle Town
Current Ruler Princess Zelda
Current Inhabitant(s)

Hyrule Castle Town is a town which surrounds Hyrule Castle in Hyrule. It usually serves as the capital of Hyrule, it is usually inhabited by Hylians allthough Humans and Gorons have been shown to live in the city as well.

It has been shown in various forms from a smaller town to a large metroplistic city. However it is always depicted as the largest town in the game, with Kakariko Village usually the only ever village or town that is shown.

The town often has a variety of games that are hosted here from the bombachu game where you have to set bombachus off in a certain place to Charlo's game. There are usually many stores here including a second Malo Mart in some games and Happy Mask Salesmen's store.