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Hyrule-phobia is the first episode of Villains of Smash.


  • (the team are sitting on the "meeting room" (Living room) discussing who is hotter: Peach or Zelda.)
  • Bowser: "Oh, come on. Peach is clearly hotter. I mean, she's a Blondie! Blondie's are the best!
  • Ganon: So? Zelda has courage, will, and is a fair maiden. That's what all men want from women, right?
  • Bowser: No, they want chicks with a big a-!
  • Wily: Whoa, man. slow down. There are kids in the audience!
  • Rool: Yah. This be a kids show, Land-lubber! Ye can't just yell whats in ye mouth. we have a raten'!
  • Bowser: Oops.

(Suddenly, Dedede bust's through the door, knocking it off its hinges.)

  • Jeff the Koopa: Hey guys, what's u-

(Door falls on Jeff)

  • Jeff: Ah!

(Ganon slaps him)

  • Ganon: For the elder god's sake, slow down or you'll pass out!
  • Dedede: Sorry. It's just that...(sighs, then leans in and starts whispering)...i'm scared of the Deku Shrub selling girl scout cookies.

(It becomes quiet for a moment. Then everyone starts laughing.)

  • Everyone but Dedede: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


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