This subpage refers to Aruna's role in Hypnotize. See here for more information on her overall appearances.

Full Name Aruna Malia
Current Age 24
Date of Birth February 08
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Female
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Deity of Communication
Height 5'8"

Aruna, the Deity of Communication, is one of the fourteen main playable characters in the fighting game, Hypnotize. She was revealed on May 19, 2016, and was the first character revealed for the game overall.

She is currently still participating in the tournament. 


Aruna was born into a normal life with a nuclear family, both of her parents loved her but also admired the way she lived her life. In her close-knit town, she would often help out the locals with their daily tasks, as it gave her happiness and contentment with herself. She would often do these good deeds as well as other things such as getting water and other materials for her parents when needed, which ultimately gave her the title of Deity of Communication, for her advanced and special social skills with others.

She was selected to play in the Hypnotize Extraordinaire tournament because of her advanced skills in the social aspect of life, and it was believed that she would make the game very interesting with her social talents.


Aruna has a very varied play style, which focuses on her social abilities in the real world as she is the Deity of Communication. A lot of her attacks focus on punches and attacks related to her hands rather than kicks, and she often has a blue butterfly present whenever she is on the stage. She is one of the less threatening players to look at, but this is often a misconception considering her moves can be very gruesome and horrific. 

She also has a lot of traits that a normal human being would have, for example, her clumsiness and her ability to play the harp. She also makes friends easily with animals as well as humans, which is shown through the presence of the butterfly throughout her time on the stage and it's relevance in her attacks.


Move Categories Explanation
MISCELLANEOUS Entrance A classical harp chime sounds, as Aruna appears on the stage. She smiles cheerfully and then winks at the camera, before turning to a more serious expression.
Idle #1 Aruna talks away to herself. 
Idle #2 A butterfly lands on Aruna's finger, and she twirls with the butterfly in perfect harmony.

Social Butterfly

Aruna starts a conversation with the enemy character, before punching them and kicking them repeatedly all over their body before dealing one powerful punch at the end.


Civilization Revolution

Aruna smiles cheerfully, before convincing a whole towns-worth of people to riot against the opposing enemy. The riot brutally attacks the enemy, causing them to lose a lot of health and gain other debuffs.


No Time For Talking

Aruna smiles deviously, before surrounding the opponent and trapping them on a chair. While alive, she sews their mouth shut with metal wire.

TAUNTS Aruna whistles the theme tune of the game, before smiling and placing her hands together.
Aruna nods her head, and smiles cheerfully.
Aruna begins to eat some candy until the enemy moves, where she becomes startled and puts a game face back on.
VICTORY POSES Aruna smiles and has a conversation to herself about her victory.
Aruna plays the harp in the tune of the theme song of the game.
Aruna tries to have a conversation with the camera, but she ends up cracking and breaking it.

Alternate CostumesEdit

To be added.


  • Aruna was the first revealed character for Hypnotize
  • Aruna's page was made on May 19, 2016.
  • Aruna's previous Deity title was "Deity of Civilization", but this was later changed to favour a more social persona.
  • Many attributes of Aruna's move pool hold references to other forms of media.
    • Social Butterfly is a common nickname to someone with easy social abilities.
    • Civilization Revolution is a video game.
      • And also a reference to her previous Deity title.
    • No Time For Talking are lyrics from a random song I listened to.
    • Aruna's third victory pose is a reference to a television show called "Total Drama World Tour", where some characters end up breaking the confessional camera when they say something they regret on the show.