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Hypnotize New
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Illusion Works Sept 2016
Illusion Works Sept 2016
Pacifico Logo
Genre(s) Fighting
Open World
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States: Summer 2016.
Flag of European Union: Summer 2016.
25px-Flag of Japan2: Summer 2016.
Flag of Australia: Summer 2016.
Age Rating(s)
ImagesmaturePEGI 18
Media Included Pacifico Application
Hypnotize Steelbook
Aruna Pacificard

Hypnotize is an original fighting game created by Illusion Works exclusively for the Pacifico platform as a launch title to be released sometime in summer 2016. It features a group of new characters in a parallel world where they are competing for the title of Hypnotize Extraordinaire, but in order to do so, they will need to defeat every other player who is competing in the tournament alongside them. 

Hypnotize's story is very complex and very detailed. The game is set in an open world, which you can travel through at your own pace. However, some of your actions during the free-time can change the story drastically. As the story revolves around knocking other players out of the tournament, the order of players being knocked out can drastically revolutionise the story, making your odds bigger or smaller based on the order of players being knocked out of the competition.

The game has been rated "M" by ESRB and "18" by PEGI respectively, as the game has violence, fearful scenes and drug references. The game has been praised for combining a lot of elements into one title, without the elements feeling out of place or not really fitting into the game. The combat system shares a lot of similarities to the likes of Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive and Street Fighter, but with some different tweaks to make the game seem less clone-like of others, and to give it a unique flare.


The game focuses on the cast of fourteen characters who have been specifically selected for the fighting tournament to end all fighting tournaments. All of the fighters are very experienced and are some of the best fighters in the world, making this tournament a very intense competition to compete in. The participants have to dwell on an island resort until the competition is over, and live in each other's company. 

Every character has a theoretical "five lives" in the competition, and upon being beaten that many times, they are out. The fighters all wear a bracelet which indicates their battle status. It also emits a sleeping gas when the participant loses all their lives, and they are immediately relocated by competition officials so that they don't interfere with further battles. 

The story focuses on Aruna, an upbeat and socialite in her daily life. Without her knowledge, she was somehow entered into a fighting competition, and due to her nature, decided to take it in her stride. 


Hypnotize's prime gameplay is based on standard one versus one fighter games, like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive or Skullgirls. The winning condition of the game is to defeat your rival, by using a varied combination of effective moves to whittle their health bar(s) down to zero. Upon reaching zero, the opponent is defeated, unless they activate their Astral Attack Stage.

There are some differences to this usual formula, such as your moves becoming stronger based on experience which you receive for using a move more times. The more times a move is used successfully, the more experience it receives to eventually level up, and increase its hit damage. You can also develop moves, and add extras to them to make them more effective. For example, you can change the material a weapon uses, or add status ailments such as poisoning, corrosion or burning.

Astral Attack Stage

Astral Attack occurs when a player has been knocked out. After the opponent is knocked out, or the final character before the winner in tag team stages, a coin toss takes place. The character has a 50% chance to return in their Astral form, which is like a ghostly form of themselves, and gain a new bar of health. This gives the loser a chance to knock out the opponent, however, if they are successful they don't win "winner" rewards, and instead ensure the opponent doesn't receive them. This doesn't affect experience or other things you would have received regardless due to participating.

Aura Burst

Aura Burst is the first of three special moves exclusive to the characters of Hypnotize. Aura Burst occurs when a character achieves enough power in order to unleash it in a special move. Every character has one Aura Burst, which reflects their personalities.

Deity Devastation

Deity Devastation is the second of three special moves exclusive to the characters of Hypnotize. Deity Devastation occurs when a character achieves significant power in order to unleash it in a special move. Every character in the game has one Deity Devastation, which reflects their Deity title.

Hypnotize Climax

Hypnotize Climax is the third and final special move exclusive to the characters of Hypnotize. Hypnotize Climax occurs when a character's power bar reaches level three, and the player activates their move. Every character in the game has one Hypnotize Climax, which reflects their powers. Hypnotize Climaxes are locked until certain story events occur.

Game Modes

Hypnotize Extraordinaire

Hypnotize Extraordinaire is the main mode of the game, and the story mode of the game. In this mode, you play through a story of the game where you follow the paths of the fighters as they strive to become the best fighter they can be. 

Hypnotize Towers

Hypnotize Towers are ladder-like fights that you can participate in. You will face off against rapid-fire battles against other characters generated by the AI, and you must defeat the previous one to move onto the next one. Towers can range in the amount of opponents, but the more opponents you must defeat, the more rewards you gain.

Some Towers also reset if you lose a battle, which makes the stakes even higher when playing those harder Towers. Some Towers also include online fights which leaves the door wide open to how difficult the fight will be. 


In the current version, there are fourteen playable characters. Every character has a speciality, referred to in the game as Deity Titles, which serve as an underlying theme to the character and help give players an insight into the character without having to play as them. 

Every character will have a sub page for their move-set and other information, which you can view from clicking on their portrait below.

ArunaHypnotize FreiaHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize
PlaceholderHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize
PlaceholderHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize WestHypnotize PlaceholderHypnotize
PlaceholderHypnotize KodiakHypnotize

  • May 19, 2016: Aruna revealed as the first playable character.
  • June 15, 2016: Freia, Saber and Agrona revealed.
  • July 12, 2016: Carme, Bellatrix, Kaiser, Saizo, Diarmaid and West revealed.
  • July 31, 2016: West's design was revealed.
  • August 29, 2016: Freia's design and Kodiak were revealed.


There are a ton of stages in Hypnotize. A lot of them relate to real life environments, which overall makes the game appear more realistic to view. There is currently an undetermined amount of stages playable in the game. So far, there are a total of 50 stages, comprised of 35 default stages, 10 unlocked stages, and 0 downloadable stages.

Default Stages
Justice Pillar Skyview Tower Forest of Eternity Tranquil Cafe Sunset Hill
Rooftop Rampage Isola Temple The Courtyard Rage Rapids Diamond Caverns
Monumentum Surrender the Throne Last Stand ___'s Ice Palace Psychedelic Rift
The Lost Chamber Fateful Mansion Fateful Cliffs Constellation Conflict Clockwork Tower
Sanctuary Street Aloha Beach Jakawok Marketplace Arena Training Shooting Star Bridge
___'s Pyramid Dragonfly Acid Baths Tomb of the Fatal Meteor Shower
Army Base Area 101 Hanala Subway Kenta Academy The Pier
Unlocked Stages
Warrior Shrine Yin-Yang Elevator Metropolis The Wasteland Battleships
Colour Code Lava Pits Spider Web Freia's Kitchen Fountain Frenzy
Downloadable Stages

Downloadable Content

Meltdown DLC Pack

The Meltdown DLC Pack features content from the cancelled counterpart, called Meltdown. 

Web of Lies DLC Pack

To be added.

Freak Show DLC Pack

To be added.


Hypnotize has been positively received thus far. The game was created on May 08, 2016, and is yet to be completed.



  • Hypnotize has a very flexible story line, making its replay value very high in terms of content.
  • Numerous sequels have been theorised, but they seem unlikely at this point. Content packs are more than likely going to be added to the game as DLC, which reflects these sequel ideas.
    • Two DLC packs, Web of Lies and Freak Show, were planned as sequels for the game, for instance.
  • One of the DLC packs, Web of Lies, was an older title by Illusion Works which was eventually scrapped.


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