Hyperspace Holmes is a point-and-click puzzle game released in 2021 by TremorLabs for the FlexiCon home console.


You play as an undercover agent who is working in Stargaze, a space exploration company. In each level, you pilot a ship along with 3-10 other ships in a Fleet. However, you are actually an undercover agent trying to uncover a saboteur before they blow up the fleet. One of the other allies is an undercover saboteur.

However, the other pilots may not trust you at first. You must build up their Trust Meter to learn information (see Gameplay).


Your ship has a computer interface. This allows you to view your Cargo (what items you have), Chat with the other pilots, view a Data section, where you send or receive pictures and documents with other pilots, and more. You must try and gather information and come to a conclusion about who the saboteur is.

Most information comes from things other pilots tell you, through Chat or Data sharing. However, every pilot has a Trust Meter. They will help you more depending on how much they trust you. You can let them trust you by giving them Data and information, and giving them Cargo items.

One of the most prominent features is the Multiplayer feature, which was released in a later update. One player is the saboteur, and the rest are trying to find the saboteur. They can talk to each other and use Detective Gear, a multiplayer exclusive feature, to narrow down suspects. However, not everyone can be trusted...


Hyperspace Holmes received mixed reviews from critics. IGN gave it 7/10 saying it had great potential, but the levels were way too repetitive as there just weren't enough gameplay features. Most critics gave it between 6 and 8 out of 10.

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