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Hyperspace Games
Hyperspace Games Logo
Current logo since October 2015
Type of Company Third-party game developer
Founder(s) TheNintendoKing
Founded at/in 28th September, 2014

Hyperspace Games is a multinational video game developer company that was founded on the 28th of September in 2014 by TheNintendoKing. They are currently in a ten-year long contract with Lucasfilm, and are developing video games and other media based on Star Wars. Whilst they have not released a single game yet, the motives and desires of the company have gained them a large fanbase and attention.

The company is made up of fans of Star Wars, and video games in general. Their first game; Star Wars Battlefront: Awakening, has gained the attention of other corporations, who have expressed their desires to reach out to the CEO if Awakening succeeds in the market.


Game Series
Star Wars Battlefront: Awakening


  • The company earned £50,000 in the year 2015 alone due to financial gain from Disney.

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