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Full Name Steve Honduras
Current Age 25
Gender Male
Species Legitopian, Cyborg
Main Weapon(s) Arm Cannon, Sword, Shield
Hyperman (Steve H. Honduras) is a character created by LEGEND. He is a space explorer/hero and likes to go and save planets from doom. He uses his Super Armor (Hyper Suit) to journey and blast aliens. He also is a genius.

Back story

Hyperman was born and raised on a space city of Vexotropolis. He grew up and wanted to explore space and time. He then began to build the Hyper Suit and his idea was backed up by a league of scientist to build the suit. When he was 17, he began to work on becoming Codename: HYPERMAN. When he was 25, he underwent a surgery which gave him the power to use Legend Energy to become a “Superhero”. He then departed to save the universe.

Powers and Abilities


Hyperman can lift 1000ibs and not break a sweat. He can also fly at Moc 14. He also carries around a 6 long Cyber Sword that cuts through Titanium and other metal like a “Hot knife through butter”. He also has a shield and an Arm blaster. With the arm blaster he can blast range 1-100 powerful shots. (Note: A level 5 shot can kill someone).

Steve H. Honduras

Without the suit. Hyperman can run up to 750mph without restrain. He can also lift 100-700ibs. He also can fly short distances usually a mile or two.

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