Hyperion Heroes
Developer(s) MiriGenie Entertainment
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Steam, 3DS.
Release Date(s)
May 2014
Single player campaign, online co-op
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Evolution action RPG
Series Hyperion
Predecessor n/a
Successor Hyperion Legends
Media Included 3DS Cartridge, Disc
Manual(s) Gameplay Guide, Evolution Guide.
Available Input Test
Storage Needed 10.8 GB, 4 GB for 3DS.
Cost $29.99

Hyperion Heroes is a RPG for all major consoles released in May 2014. It is an action RPG with gameplay based off Brave Frontier's mechanics.


Ternamesis, the Dark Lord has discovered 3 artifacts; the Ring of Curses, the Armor of Twilight, the Sword of Ancients. He aims to obtain those three artifacts to conquer the world.

John, a swordsman, is hired by a team known as Hyperion Heroes, where they aim to conquer against the evils in the world. They then go around and defeat the monsters.


The gameplay acts like action rpgs similar to Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, where you can control your heroes. At the town, you can forge weapons, and evolve your heroes. Unlike Brave Frontier, the game that is based on, you can control your hero in town, and talk to characters to continue the story or unlock new stages. On solo runs, you can select four heroes to bring into the quests. If all of your heroes faint 3 times, it's game over, with a message saying "You're A Lose", and if you win it says "You're Winner", a reference to Big Rigs.

Evolving heroes requires you to collect several items and pay a cost of gold.

Since this is a pay to play game, there are no micro-transactions or energy stats that recharge over time.

There are 25 regions in the game, each with 30 to 40 stages, and in the stages you form the entire team of the main heroes.

The Main Heroes

Name Description Class
John Davis The swordsman of Hyperion Town. Swordsman
Mila Sera The paladin of Miransville. Paladin
Derrick Warren The archer of Hillsburg. Archer
Ania Mironz The wizard who was captured by Chaotix, one of Teranemesis's members. Wizard
Sylvia Rader The cleric that was John's friend. Cleric
Valentine Smith The sorcerer of Terons Town. Sorcerer

There are other heroes you can collect, but they mostly start at a certain rank and end at a certain rank. They don't even add to the story.

Evolution Chart

Evolution Chart Demonstration
Name Rank One Rank Two Rank Three Rank Four Rank Five Rank Six Rank Seven Rank Eight Rank X
John John Swordsman John Great Swordsman John Noble Swordsman John Champion Swordsman John Legend Swordsman John Hero Swordsman John Hyperion Hero John Ultimate Hyperion John

Note: Rank Eight heroes will always be titled "Hyperion Hero", and Rank X heroes will always be titled "Ultimate Hyperion"


Hyperion Heroes when it was first represented in E3 2013 received a positive reception, when it joins a new genre of evolving and recruiting new heroes.

The game was well received by critics, receiving a 85 rating on Metacritic.

Nintendo eShop Rating

Rating: 4.45

What is this game aimed for?

Everyone: 15%

Gamers: 85%

What kind of play is suitable for this game?

Casual: 10%

Intense: 90% (Shows on Nintendo Hard RPG page on TvTropes saying: Hyperion Heroes is a game where you evolve heroes and gain stronger. There are enemies which are later on have higher stats that you would, which can drain a sixth of a player's half, and some late-game bosses can chop off half of a player's health in one shot.)

Gamefaqs Rating

Rating: 4.45


Tough: 75.6%

Just Right: 14.4%

Unforgiving: 8%

Easy: 1.5%

Simple: 0.5%

Length: 80+ hours


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