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Hyper V
The logo for the Hyper V.
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises Fritez Co. Logo
Console Type Home Console
Channels (like Wii), Miis, ElectroConnect

The Hyper V is a console made by Electric Enterprises and Fritez Corporation. It is a home console that has been planned to be released June 2012.



The console itself is a home console that looks slightly similar to the Wii. It does not stand up, but is laid on ts sides. The normal logo for the Hyper V is on the side of the console. Similar to the DS and 3DS, cartridges are placed ito a spot and pushed on to eject. The colours on the console are a mixture of light green and yellow, with a lightning bolt streak on the side.


The controller has the same basic design of the Nintendo 64's controller. Controllers can come in 4 differnt colors: yellow (basic color), light green, blue, and red. There are multiple buttons on the controller. There are the classic A and B buttons. The control stick returns as well. There is also a control pad, but not many games use it. Like the 3DS, the Start, Select, and Home buttons are on the bottom. The X, Y, A, and B buttons are arranged in a pattern like the Nintendo GameCube's controller.


This console brings new and old features. Miis and Channels return from the Wii. There is also a Hyper Tablet which is compatible with some games. A new feature is ElectroConnect, which can be connected and share data from games via Internet. Some consoles, such as the 3DS, utilize this feature in games but not a loton console data itself. The console comes with a Cartridge Compartment, which attaches to the side of the Hyper V and stores up to 15 cartridges.


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