This is a port ofHyper New Super Mario Bros. Rainbow Blast Adventure for the RCA selectavision.

CED cartridge

Significant modifications had to be made to the game to meet the RCA SelectaVision's limitations. All yellows had to be removed from any palette due to the RCA SelectaVision's lack of yellows in the available palette. The game's data had to be drastically compressed due to the RCA SelectaVision's storage format, Capacitative Electronic Disk (CED aka SelectaDisk), loading-time limitations.


Another consideration made for the SelectaVision console's limited storage and largely underperforming network interface was the exclusion of all multiplayer modes and functions.  Nintendo has been criticized for allowing the release of the game on such an obscure platform, though as of July 12, 2013, Jusiima Nintendo has not responded to critics, instead inviting all those concerned to purchase a Sonic the Hedgehog digital figurine in the Nintendo Online Character Shop.