Hyper Mode is an ability gained by several characters across the Fantendoverse and they were first revealed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as the Finisher for several characters. In Hyper Mode, each character can access their Hyper Form. Each Hyper Form drastically changes a character's appearance and gives them a more powerful moveset to work with. Hyper Mode can be activated through Hyper Mode Orbs or Finisher Orbs (although only to characters who have unlocked their power through Hyper Mode Orbs).


Hyper Mode Orbs have no discernible origin, not even to Shiki or The Other who otherwise seem to know where everyone comes from and who made what. They seem to be linked to some of the weapons some of the characters have, like Unten's Imperium which becomes Bleeding Imperium when under Hyper Form state. The Other hypothesizes that these weapons and orbs all come from the same blacksmith, although they have no proof of such.

They begin to appear in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory and allow Unten and the others to fight against a more powerful version of The Threat.

Hyper Forms


Unten is the first known user of the Hyper Mode Orbs. He utilizes them to increase his power, which comes in handy considering he's one of the more underpowered characters in Victory. Using Hyper Mode, Unten is able to increase his power and is one of the strongest under it's influence. However, this power is addicting and while Unten is able to control his Hyper Form much better than some of the other characters, he does succumb to more primal tendencies such as violence or extreme emotional breakdowns under this form.

Imperium becomes Bleeding Imperium in this form. It oozes neon blue "blood" that harms those not in Hyper Form. Despite this bleeding appearance, Imperium is fine so long as Unten doesn't stay in this form forever as it can heal itself. The sheer amount of energy contained within Unten seems to be the reason why Imperium "bleeds".



  • Hyper Form is a concept originally created by Shadow Inferno (tbc) and was adapted for Victory. The original concept remains mostly the same, but it's origins have been made unclear (as opposed to the original idea, which made it clear that they came from the pre-Shattering universe).
  • Much of the original roster for Hyper Mode has been changed for Victory, although this is possibly because the Orbs have not found their original users yet.
  • Hyper Mode orbs work for every version of a character, so Unten's Hyper Form Orb would work for Untina, Mynis, Reten, Wurm, etc.

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