Game Developers/Publishers $        
Chicken Invaders InterAction Studios 5,00
Chicken Invaders 2 InterAction Studios 5,00
Chicken Invaders 3 InterAction Studios 5,00
Chicken Invaders 4 InterAction Studios 5,00
Chicken Invaders 5 InterAction Studios 6,00
Fruit Ninja Halfbrick 1,00
Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman Hexage 3,00
Cut the Rope Collection ZeptoLab 7,00
MineCraft for Wii X Mojang 20,00
Game Dev Tycoon GreenHeart Games 9,00
Goat Simulator Coffee Stain Studios 7,50
RPG Maker VX Ace Enterbrain 30,00
Beat Hazard Cold Beam Games 10,00
Geometry Dash RobTop Games 2,00
ScribbleNauts Unlimited 5th Cell 20,00
ScribbleNauts Unmasked 5th Cell 20,00
Babel Rising 3D Port-on 2,00
Turbo Dismount Secret Exit 9,00
No Time to Explain tinyBuild 7,00
Gravity Guy+Jetpack Joyride HalfBrick & Miniclip 4,00
Bit Trip Runner Gaijin Games 8,00
Bit Trip Runner 2 Gaijin Games 8,00
Bit Trip Void Gaijin Games 8,00
Train your Brain TrainyourBrain Inc. 8,00
Cave Story+ Nicalis 10,00
Plants VS Zombies PopCap 10,00

Plants VS Zombies 2 REMASTERED

PopCap 15,00


PlayDead 10,00
Train your Brain 2: Genius TrainyourBrain Inc. 12,00
Metal Slug Collection SluggyPorts 25,00
Kirby's Dream Ball Nintendo EAD 10,00
GLitches and HAckerZ CopCam 20,00
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney CapCom 10,00
Kirby: Minigame Mania HAL INC. 3
Gunpoint Exclusive Edition Suspicious Dev 21
Beat Hazard Ultra Cold Beam Games 13
Blockade 3D Blocks Free
Kirby Fighters Super Mega Deluxe HAL INC. 20

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