Hyo Imawano is one of the main antagonists of the Rival Schools series.

He first appears in Rival Schools: United by Fate as the final boss of the game. Revealed through the player meeting certain requirements during a fight with Raizo, Hyo is shown as the mastermind behind the events of the game's story, with his goal to take over Japan. Hyo is ultimately defeated by students from Taiyo High School, which include his twin brother Kyosuke Kagami. Hyo is also playable in the game, with his ending showing him successful in his plans but regretting having to defeat Kyosuke in doing so. However, this ending is not canonical.

In Project Justice, Hyo appears as the final boss of the game, but is not the main antagonist. In most of the game's Story Mode, he initially appears to defeat Kurow, who had been shown brainwashing Hyo earlier in the storyline. Afterwards, he is shown being taken over by his father's spirit, where he becomes Demon Hyo, the final boss of the game. Again he is defeated by Kyosuke, but dies from the fight.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Hyo appears in Nintendo vs. Capcom as an unlockable playable character. He is unlocked by completing arcade mode with 12 Capcom characters. He will use his sword for punch attacks. in the Japanese version he uses archived sounds from Kaneto Shiozawa in gameplay while in cutscenes he is voiced by Isshin Chiba. His story mode involves him surviving his final battle at justice High and wants the blood of Taiyo High. In his ending he kills Batsu and Kyosuke in one strike and rule Japan as emperor yet regret killing Kyosuke in doing so.

Special Moves

Ichimonji-Giri: Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Hyo lunges forward and slashes his opponent. Pressing punch again will have Hyo do a vertical slash that knocks his opponent away/

Iai-Giri: Quarter-Circle Back + Punch. Hyo spins towards his opponent then trips his opponent up with his sword.

Ouryou-Zan: Dragon Punch Motion + Punch. Hyo laughs and is surrounded by what looks like petals and does a jumping sword uppercut.

Tenrai-Zan: Quater-Circle Forward + Punch while in air. Hyo charges straight down with his sword and lands in a shockwave that can combo.

Genei-Shuu: Quater-Circle Back + Kick. Hyo does a backflip that can knock his opponent into the air.

Ankoku-Shippu-Zan: 2 Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Hyo does a single sword strike that lights his opponent up like a string of fire crackers.

Ankoku-Genei-Shuu: 2 Quarter-Circle Back + Kick. Hyo does 3 fast Genei-Shuus then finishes with a stronger Tenrai-Zan.

Ankoku-Genei-jin: 2 Quarter-Circle Forward + Kick. Hyo does an inverted kick. If it hits it creates an afterimage surrounding his opponent on 2 sides kicking and punching at the opponent then finishing with a stronger Ouryou-Zan.

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