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Hymns of Helios
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Developer(s) Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Illusion Works
Platform(s) Pacifico
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States 2016.
Flag of European Union 2016.
25px-Flag of Japan2 2016.
Flag of Australia 2016.
Age Rating(s)
E10Rating460px-PEGI 7+.svg
Genre(s) Action
Series Hymns of Helios
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included Pacifico Application

Hymns of Helios is an upcoming action-adventure platforming puzzle video game created, designed and developed by Illusion Works for release on Pacifico and distribution onto iOS and Android operating systems. It is slated for a June 2016 release.

The game features a group of eight misfits from Faele, a small rural village in Ziama Prime. They were recognised as some of the land's most crazy warriors, and were invited to explore a distant island known for its mystery and secrecy. They are going to need a very strong heart and tough soul if they are going to be successful in their investigation into the strangest island known to man. You can't live life without taking risks...


The story begins with Liana standing at the side of a road, waving her arms as cars fly past her. After seemingly hours of waiting, a car finally stops. She jumps in the car with confidence, and she explains to the person driving the car that she needs to be taken to the nearest airport. The driver agrees to take her, and she falls asleep in the car. However not everything goes to plan, as she wakes up to find herself in the middle of an unknown place that she has never visited before...

She wakes up in the middle of an island, alone. Little does she know there are another seven people on the same island as her, with only one kill her.

Puzzle 01 - The Totem

Upon arriving on the island, Liana comes across a mysterious totem the size of her arm. She picks it up and stares blankly at it for a minute, before putting it back on the ground. After searching around some more, she finds another strange totem which is dyed the colour blue. She returns to the place where she found the first totem, and she finds it again, this time dyed the colour red.

She carries both of the totems in her arms until she finds a big statue, with three holes in. There is a girl with pink hair kneeling before the statue, and approaching with caution you attract her attention. The girl explains that she found a mysterious totem, dyed with the colour yellow. Erisi then states that the statue seems to have three holes, supposedly for the totems, but she couldn't find anymore on the segment of the island, until Liana came along with both of them in hand.

Liana and Erisi fit the totems into places on the statue, and a door opens up, allowing them to advance to the next part of the island. Erisi smiles for a short moment, before passing through the door quickly with Liana trailing behind.

Puzzle 02 - The Chamber

Erisi and Liana make it through the door, and find themselves inside a cave. The cave is very dark, and has several different pathways to follow. Erisi disappears down a path and eventually Liana loses contact with her, therefore having to travel on her own. She eventually sees some light in the distance, and follows it, but when she is near the end, the ground underneath her suddenly caves in, and she falls down into a room. 

She looks around the room, but everything is still too dark to make anything noticeable. She walks around in the darkness and finds a piece of wood. Suddenly, the wood sets alight and a face appears. The person introduces themselves in an arrogant manner, as Laurent. He explains that she fell into his chamber because of a spell he cast to make the floor invisible, which intrigues Liana. 

Laurent continues to show Liana a selection of his spells, but then he explains to Liana that she needs to find her own way out of the chamber, as his magic power has all been drained. She understands, and looks around for a way out of the chamber. She notices a brick in the wall looks out of place, and with a struggle she manages to pull the brick out, which reveals a secret passage. After pulling away more bricks, she is able to squeeze through and follow the passage.

Puzzle 03 - The Rocks

Puzzle 04 - The Prism

Puzzle 05 - The Flower

Puzzle 06 - The Traitor

Puzzle 07 - The Monster

Puzzle 08 - The Realisation

Epilogue - The End


Hymns of Helios shows a lot of similarities to other platforming titles such as Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, but shows a darker tale in the story mode which works more like a visual novel with command prompts as opposed to a relaxed story.


A similar mechanic to that of Cabin Fever, Heartbeats represent the Heartbeat of Liana as she travels through the island. Your goal is to make sure that it doesn't go too high, otherwise she could suffer from a heart attack or other medical issues. When your heartbeat is high, it is best to try and find some place to rest up and become more energetic. 


Crystals are a really important item group in the game. Whilst travelling, you may find several different types of Crystal, and when enough are collected they will be able to merge into a Prism Piece. It is stated in lore that there are nine Prism Pieces spread out across the entire island, and it is the job of the travellers to find them all. It is unknown what will happen when all nine prism pieces are together, but that just makes the job of the travellers more exciting and interesting. Below is a guide of all the prisms and where they are located.


Puzzles are a major mechanic in the game. Puzzles are the main focus in the game, as you have to complete them to move on in the game. As the game has no defined levels, Puzzles are the way to determine how far into the game you are. You can find descriptions of all the puzzles in the game in the plot heading.

Game Modes

The Island: Story Mode

The Island is the story mode of the video game, is a visual novel featuring the characters of Hymns of Helios as they explore the vast mysterious island they have been placed on, unaware of the existence of another seven individuals on the island, all capable of misdeeds such as murder. 


Missions are the main objectives in the story. You'll be assigned missions based on where you are in the game, and you must complete them to ensure story progression. Between Missions, you can also explore the world at your own pace, as well as complete Side Quests set by NPCs in the game.

Side Quests

Side Quests are similar to Missions, however, they won't be mandatory to complete and they won't enable story progression. They are extra quests you can complete for extra rewards and to help you explore more of the world.


In Online, you can view the statistics of all your friends and other people across the world. You can see when your friends are playing the game and their current whereabouts. If you join their server, you can play with them. You can only do this after you have completed the game for the first time. 


LianaHoH Liana is the most troublesome person you could ever meet, she is constantly on the run from the law for committing either some dumb crime or being involved with the wrong people, but she lives off of it. She adores the thrill she possesses for doing the naughty things in life, and she doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She also loves travelling, and tries to visit as many places as she can without being detected by the police of that area.
Ramsay is a quirky butcher by day, assassin by night. He is known for being notorious for the way he handles situations in the most odd fashion, however, they almost always work out for him in the end. He is seen as one of the most dangerous warriors in the kingdom of Ecrylic, as a target of his has never lived to see the following day. He is a very practical man and he ensures he gets the job done, correctly. RamsayHoH
ErisiHoH Erisi is a bloodthirsty serial killer who is known throughout the kingdom to have very devilish tendencies when it comes to her victims. She often dresses up her victims in clothes to resemble a normal everyday scene, and sets them up in usually a public place. For example, she murdered an office worker, but placed his body in his cubical dressed up in a suit. Her nickname is derived from the word "Erased", a very accurate nickname of this girl's nature.
Nicome is a demon who fused with the souls of undead serial killers to become the ultimate form of demise itself. Nicome has been the mastermind behind several hundred murders and is titled "The Massacre" by many for his crimes against humanity. However, Nicome kills those with fiendish souls like him, so he can add to his own collection, so it is hugely debated if his actions are supported or opposed by many councils all over the region. NicomeHoH
HoHPlaceholder Mischa is the most normal of the psychos, as by day she is a pageant princess. She lives off the joys of showing off her beauty in the most arrogant way possible, however, with living such a competitive life, the temptation of getting revenge on the fellow competition is overwhelming. On one occasion, Mischa needed to win a pageant to be entered into a globally recognised pageant, and sabotaged her biggest rival by cutting one of the lights from above, which ultimately fell on her head and successfully killed her rival. 
Illysia is the literal embodiment of "silent but deadly", as she has killed several of her enemies without ever being detected in the slightest fashion. She has always been a shy and kept away character throughout her entire life, but has suddenly found pleasure in her wickedness of killing. She often covers herself in dark clothing and kills during the night, in order to be as discrete as possible when on the hunt for new prey. HoHPlaceholder
HoHPlaceholder Osias was an average student who was slowly becoming one of the brighest students at his university, however, that was until he became involved with the wrong people, and ultimately drugs. He ruined any chance he ever had at becoming a success, and instead turned to drugs which ultimately drove him to killing his best friend whilst drugged up. This drove him to insanity, and ultimately he became so overcome with guilt that he decided to clean up his act, and become a scholar once again, but it was too late. 
Laurent is a training wicken who practices spells and other dark magic in his spare time. He once conducted a spell with his friends which lead to the accidental deaths of five of his friends, but with grief, this caused him complete joy. He then became more and more insane as time passed, becoming more and more content with the killing of innocent people for his own pleasure.  LaurentHoH




  • Hymns of Helios is the first game to be created by Solarrion (tbc) after he returned to the wiki and began to make new content.
  • All of the art in Hymns of Helios was drawn by WereWaffle (tbc).
  • Hymns of Helios had many names before being formally known as Hymns of Helios.
    • The first name was "Chasing Shadows", but this was scrapped because the name had no plot relevance and was just generally disliked by the creator.
    • The second name was "Hymns of the Haze", which was eventually scrapped as the title was quite long and didn't look nice when a logo was compiled together. 
    • The third name was "Hymns of Holiness", but this was scrapped in favour of the final title, Hymns of Helios.
  • The game has a lot of the beta elements that were in the original draft for The Temple of Dreams. For example, a lot of the puzzle oriented elements are taken from the former title.
    • It has since distinguished itself from the Beta Elements and become more of a standalone title rather than a TTOD reboot.

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