Hybrid Systems
Hybrid Systems
Hybrid System's Appearance
Full Name Hybrid Systems
Current Age 33
Date of Birth 1983
Gender Genderless
Species Robot
Align Chaotic-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Video Games, Holograms
Sexuality Catridgesexual
Hybrid Systems is a robot created by a mad man in Japan. The machine is a combination of every main Nintendo Console since the NES. The creature became sentient and had escaped its confinement to wander the world searching for its purpose in life. It is often mistaken for the video game consoles it is made of and people often attempt to play games on it with very little success, often Hybrid Systems just runs away or will very rarely attack the individuals.


Hybrid Systems is a timid machine, often preferring to remain unseens due to its suspicious attitude towards humans. It also is a bit mischievious, sometimes creating holograms of various Nintendo characters to distract people and cause them to do silly actions.

Hybrid Systems doesn't speak much although when it does, it goes full stoic and into long-winded speeches about its desire to find a reason for its existence, often boring whomever asked it. Hybrid Systems is also a bit of a liar claiming to have done feats far beyond him such as; climbing Mt. Everest, diving to the bottom of the Ocean and walking on the moon.


Hybrid Systems is able to create holograms of various Nintendo Characters, although these holograms cannot harm anyone they are easily distracting and can be quite intimidating due to Hybrid Systems' ability to rescale the characters. In addition Hybrid Systems can lash out with his four arms to fight if need be. In addition it can also spit out Cartridges at an incredible speed, strong enough to leave large bruises if hit.


Hybrid Systems looks and is, a combination of every Nintenodo Console from the NES onwards, its base is an N64 while its body is an NES, its upper torso is a Gameboy Advance and a Gamecube, its arms are a DS, 3DS, SNES Controller & NES Controller. Its head is a SNES and its horns are made of a Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Wii and Wii U. Some parts of the consoles have been adapted to help Hybrid Systems such as the toes for the n64.


  • Hybrid Systems has acquired an array of attire from other consoles the most notable being his Virtual Boy Specs
  • For some reason Hybrid Systems has data for both the SNES and Modern Donkey Kong in its Hologram files, every other character only has modern renditions