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Hybrid IV
Hybrid IV, the Trainer of Fighters
Full Name Hybrid IV
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Class Teacher, Boss
Fighting, Teaching, Learning Moves
Weakness, Pain, Yogurt
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (first official appearance)
Hybrid IV is a boss that debuted at the end of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory's Training Mode. As her name suggests, she has a moveset of many of the characters in the game. She seems to have some kind of link with the Training Dummies due to having their insignia and wearing a outfit resembling the dummies themselves.


Hybrid IV is a blue haired, muscular woman with the Training Dummy insignia tattooed to both of her arms. She wears a black helmet with a yellow glove symbol indenting outwards of it, resembling a pompadour. She wears fingerless black gloves and appears to be wearing the torso and legs of Training Dummy.


Hybrid IV is a rather mysterious figure that appears to be rather confident and arrogant, often showcasing off her strength. She seems intent on training the player and making sure they are ready to take on the somewhat complicated systems introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. To what end is unknown, perhaps she is doing this out of the good of her heart?


Hybrid IV appears to be a teacher at Boltzmann, who was later moved to Kolob during Days of Victory to train some of the fighters that The Fan and The Enemy recruited. She created the Training Dummies for this express purpose. In her younger days, she seems to have been a champion at wrestling, although retired to teach at Boltzmann after 15 years of doing wrestling.

Powers and Abilities

Hybrid IV has the uncanny ability to copy the powers and moves of other fighters and put her own spin on them. She has incredible strength and speed even for someone who's implied to be in their mid 40s at this point.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

While she doesn't show up in the actual story mode, she appears in the Training Mode in Training Missions. She is the last mission and she requires the player to use just about every technique they've learned to defeat her. She uses the moves of various characters of the roster, relatively unchanged.

Trophy Information



  • Her name is not only a reference to the fact she's a hybrid of several characters in the roster play-style wise, but also a reference to testing dummies. The current model being used is known as the Hybrid III family, so Hybrid IV would be the evolution of that. Additionally, it's a possible reference to the face there are four Training Dummy types.