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hyP3r: Street Racing Evolved is a racing game by Noob Games and published by Nintendo for the Wii U and 3DS. It is an arcade styiled racing game reminiscent of Need For Speed games.


There are three types of modes:


The story mode. You can buy cars, race other racers for money, and go to other cities. If you are not racing/in the garage, you are in DriveFree, where you find other racers, go to locations, and switch cars when not in the garage.


The arcade mode. In this mode, you can chose different game types:

Circut: a lapped race

Sprint: a point to point race

Eliminator: like Circut, but last one to finish the lap is eliminated.

Pursiut: Police chase you in this mode and you have to escape them.

Road Rage: Like Road Rage in Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit.


The online mode.You can DriveFree with other players, race other players, and trade cars with other players with an online account.You can drive your career mode cars and your "My Cars" cars.This is accessed via free roam in Career.


Main Article: hyP3r/Cars 

You can buy and customize your cars (body kits, stancing, paints and vinyls etc.), and upgrade them. All of them are REAL.


Main Article: hyP3r/Characters

This IS a crossover.


Main Article: hyP3r/Music 



City How to Unlock Notes
El Paso Starter City

Los Angeles

Beat the El Paso Champ Smaller than real life

New York City

Beat the LA Champ Twin Towers


Enter the secret code: A B A A Y Y -> -> <- X X It doesn't take place in a country , so I just put it in America.


City How to Unlock Notes
Paris Beat the New York Champ Same map from Paris Chase
Rome Beat the Paris Champ
London Beat the Rome Champ Same map from Midtown Maddness 2 (but edited)


City How to Unlock Notes
Sydney Beat the London Champ
Hong Kong Beat the Sydney Champ
Tokyo Beat the Hong Kong Champ Same map from Midnight Club L.A. Remix

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