The Hunter's Guild is a guild formed from various Kresthitan tribes, such as the Gunsmiths, which is dedicated to hunting deadly creatures which they refer to as "beasts".


The Hunter's Guild was formed as early as 3FC, initially purely to hunt animals and sell their skins and meat to earn money for the members. Soon, however, they began to receive requests to hunt specific animals which were attacking villages, destroying farms, or otherwise harming or inconveniencing people.

As the Kresthitan Empire expanded into Marais, these requests began to include creatures who had gained magical abilities through exposure to artifacts or through the actions of mages, whether accidentally or deliberately. The Guild began to call these creatures "beasts". Over time they began to receive requests to kill more intelligent, often even sentient, beings of a supernatural nature, although the term "beasts" was kept as a legacy term. The Guild also began working more closely alongside the Kresthitan Empire, the Scirevicis Academy, and other organizations which benefited from their hunter's assistance.

Aeo Hunters


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