Huntbuster Guinea
Huntbuster Guinea
Slaying Shades of the Guinea Pig
Full Name Huntbuster Guinea
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Gender Male-programming
Species Reploid
Location Genhanten Restaurant
Hong Kong
Current Status Alive
Class Guinea Pig Robot
Friendly Alliates, Negatrix Trio
Family and Relations
Fist Dracon (Friend), Kick Crane (Friend), Shaman Monkey (Friend), Nobothing Hamster (Sister), Yun Lee (Friend), Yang Lee (Friend), Yasuhiro Hagakure (Friend), Mondo Owada (Enemy), Other Friendly Alliates (Friends).
Main Weapon(s) Phantom Ripper
Ability/ies Has hidden helicopter wings that make him able to fly
Vulnerable To Unknown
Height 196 cm
Weight 100 kg
The Executor
First Appearance Negatrix Reoverage: Yun Yang Yasuhiro and The Alliates 5
Latest Appearance Yun Yang Yasuhiro and The Alliates Collection: The Quintilogy

Huntbuster Guinea, known as Deathler Guineabel (デスレギネアベル) in Japan, is a guinea pig Reploid created by Sigma to destroy humanity, but reformed and accidentally thrown into the timeline where humans, creatures and robots live in harmony, where he stepped at the Genhanten Restaurant and joined The Friendly Alliates. He is an unnoficial member of The Negatrix Trio and Nobothing Hamster's brother.

Game AppearancesEdit

Negatrix Reoveraged: Yun Yang Yasuhiro and The Alliates 5

Huntbuster Guinea debuts as a playable character in the game.

Yun Yang Yasuhiro and The Alliates Collection: The Quintilogy

He appears in the fifth game of the collection, as a main character on the Episode X: Nobothing Hamster Origins and also in the extras.


  • His weapon name, Phantom Ripper, comes from Phantomhive and Prince the Ripper. References to The Undertaker from Black Butler and Belphegor from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.
  • He mentions Armored Armadillo as one of his annoying rivals. As also has a desire to exterminate X, Zero, Axl and all the Maverick Hunters.