Gaze into this mirror to travel to each Worlds.
Hunso, Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

Full Name Hunso Larry Simpson
Current Age 24
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Using his kicks and punches
Ability/ies Similar to Mario's and Luigi's
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Hunso is a character that is the ally of Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover.


He looks Like Luigi except his outfit is different except for his jeans, he has teal shoes and gray shirt and hat.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

He first appears in the 1st chapter, Plumber in the Wrong Place, he also gives Mario tips on what to do, like an example tell him controls.


Despite his nature of guiding people. He also has nature of fear as well, he is scared of being surprised and is scared of the Bamboozle Forest.


  • Hunso breaks the fourth wall by saying "Look at the player, Mario!".
  • One of Hunso's Quote about the mirror is a reference to the item in Terraria called the Magic Mirror.
  • His last name is based off a user called Simpson55 (tbc).

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