Hung Juror
Hung Juror Concept
Official artwork of a Hung Juror
Species Origin Human
Rarity Rare (only found in downtown courthouses of the 1st game)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Average Behavior Violently aggressive
Habitat(s) Courthouses
Ability/ies Bite (all)
Grapple (some)
Weapon(s) Teeth
Vulnerable To Heavy blow to the cranium
First Appearance They Rise
Latest Appearance Long Story
The Undead

Hung Jurors are what remains of a number of jurors during the events of Z-Day. They are exclusive to Lunatic Entertainment's They Rise, and do not appear in the other games in the trilogy, They Rise: Denali Deathmarch and They Rise: Ground Zero. They later make a cameo enemy appearances in the first two Urth games, Monster Space and Dangerous Wilds, and also appear in Romerotown in Long Story.

Background history


When the undead virus spread through the town of Anchorage, Alaska like a wildfire, some jurors barricaded themselves in their courtrooms while zombies clawed at the doors, only to realize that they had inadvertently trapped themselves. Right before the zombies got through, several hung themselves in order to take their own lives and keep from suffering the pain and anguish of being eaten alive. While many of their necks were broken, they were not technically dead when the zombies burst in, and were still infected. A number of hung jurors however still failed to break their necks, and therefore felt the horrendous pain anyway.

A Long Story

During the events of Long Story, Rehan Goto and his party are tasked with traveling to the small coastal Romerotown from the nearby Analogue City. Upon arrival however they discover that the town has somehow run amok with the undead, specifically of the zombie variety. Hung Jurors are only one of a multitude of zombie subtypes found in the town. As before, they are only found in the city's courthouse, located in the downtown business district.

Unlike in Alaska, this viral outbreak was spread by the mysterious yet sinister Black Death.


Most Hung Jurors are restrained to the noose that they used to hang themselves with, although a very strict minority have had this broken for whatever reasons and either can crawl or simply lay there, depending upon whether they successfully broke their own necks or not. Of all of these jurors, it is those who failed to break their necks that will actually reach out to attack any potential prey that may pass; all others will simply be capable of biting.

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