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Human Devastation is a 2016 fiction written by IndigoFusionbolt (tbc) with some help and inspiration from .snickedge (tbc). It is part of the Zaxinian Lifts canon and takes place on Earth. HDLogo

Logo by Lumogo.

Chapter 1

The maid ran upstairs, crying as expected. She appeared to have a bruise on her eye. This too was expected. She dumped food into the guinea pig cage that was on top of the counter by Aidan's bed. The food was soggy and not nearly good enough to eat. She then picked up a few corpses of the old, dead guinea pigs that had either starved to death or died while attempting to escape. She left the room immediately afterwards, forgetting completely to check the guinea pigs' water bottle, which was shared.

The maid checked to look at the corpses in her hands. An orange guinea pig and a black guinea pig. They felt alive, but they looked dead. They also looked alive and felt dead. It was strange. What had caused the world to be destroyed? Why was everything the same? Why wasn't everything the same? Why was everything so incredibly strange, but yet familiar? As the maid was distracting herself with useless questions that would never be answered, she did not notice that the guinea pigs were no longer in her hands. She also did not notice that her hands were bleeding.

Pecan and Elvis were the names of the guinea pigs who had just managed to escape from the maid. They were brothers who were unfortunate enough to be one of the "ZLGPWT" experiment, where people try melt weapons into guinea pigs' backs. Both of them managed to master how their weapons worked. However, as long as they were inside of Aidan's house, they could not use their weapons. As they live in a cage inside of Aidan's house, they couldn't kill everyone in their path to escape. It was impossible. So they could do was hope. And after spending their one year of life hoping, they finally managed to find a way of escaping.

Pecan and Elvis ran around the house, always expecting something to happen. But nothing did. No one heard the maid's screams of pain. It was as if everyone was already dead. The brothers, however, did not mind this. In their mind, everyone already being dead means that they can find their fellow guinea pigs and help them escape without fear of being caught.

Eventually, they did find the cage with the guinea pigs inside of it. Pecan and Elvis picked at the lock on the door using their weapon with their teeth, since the lock was conveniently on the ground. The second the cage door crashed open, every guinea pig in the cage ran out of there as quickly as possible. Within minutes, the guinea pigs had raided both of the fridges, all of the cupboards, and had stolen any food that was left on the counters or tables. And still, no one noticed.

The brothers quickly found their way outside without running into any trouble. They were confused, as they had never been outside before and had no idea where they were. But as they weren't being hurt, they felt brave enough to continue looking around.

And then, they saw 3 humans wearing masks and yellow, protective suits. The humans all had weapons, and seemed to be walking away from the mansion which Pecan and Elvis had just escaped from.

"We have succeeded in capturing the area," said one of them into his walkie-talkie.

"Good job. Did you kill Aidan and the others?" came from the walkie-talkie.

"Yes. One of the maids was already bleeding out before we got there, though. Any information on this?"

"..No. That is, indeed, very strange."

"Aidan's pet guinea pigs were already gone, too."

"I'm afraid I have to say I have absolutely no information on this. I assume, however, that the building was raided not long before we got there."

"Right. I'll see you later. I'm going to get the team to go look for any clues."

"Okay, bye. Over."

The men continued walking away from the building, apparently not noticing all of the guinea pigs who were swarming out of it. As the men and animals walked away, the building fell over on the houses behind it and exploded.

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