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Human Apocalypse
Developer(s) TimeStrike
Publisher(s) Violet Enterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure / Beat 'em Up
Release Date(s)
December 01, 2022 (NA)
February 11, 2023 (PAL)
Age Rating(s)
M (Mature) ~ ESRB
16 ~ PEGI
Media Included Wii U optical disc
Cost $29.99
Human Apocalypse is an adventure/beat 'em up game released in late 2022 for the Wii U in North America, later released early 2023 in PAL regions. It is a spin off of the Human Devastation series, although it takes place after the first game. Due to its violent themes, the game has been rated M by the ESRB and 16 by the PEGI.

The game was not released in Japan.


Upon starting the game and after the game's trailer, the main menu pops up with five options. The player can select Adventure to play the game's single player campaign, or select Multiplayer to play a plot-less adventure with up to four friends. The other modes are Challenge, Guinea Pig Simulator, and Options. In Challenge mode, the player can choose to do several challenges set up in specific areas of the game's levels, and each requires that the players try their hardest to overcome them. In the Guinea Pig Simulator mode, it is quite malevolent and you can raise a real guinea pig, more information about that will be provided later. Options mode has things such as controller customization, language settings, audio settings, and a sound test.



Within the Adventure option, players can choose to do "Story Mode", "Free Play", or "Time Trails".  In Story Mode, the two guinea pigs introduced in Human Devastation, Elvis and Pecan, must kill off the human race and do so in order for their species to restore the planet to its natural state.  In Free Play mode, players can freely roam the overworld and go to whatever stages they want to go to.  In Time Trails, players will be timed and are required to meet a stage's objectives in as little time as possible.


In multiplayer mode, players can choose to do "Bloody Warfare" or "Territorial Warpigs".  In Bloody Warfare, the players must team up and attack the robot in the center of the five stages presented in this mode, the robot being controlled by the one holding the gamepad.  In Territorial Warpigs, the pigs will fight each other and attempt to claim as much territory as possible before the time runs out.


Each guinea pig roams among the ground and are incapable of jumping.  However, the guinea pigs can stand up and grab onto ledges for them to climb onto, and stand on their hind legs and use their weapons.  All guinea pigs have their very own attacks and uses, and can be switched between in levels, although the player can only use up to four guinea pigs per level.  In additions to different attacks, each guinea pig has their own advantages and disadvantages.  In some levels or areas of the overworld, players can talk to NPCs with the tap of a button or by using the touch screen.

In the overworld, the guinea pigs cannot really utilize their abilities much but they can communicate with various NPCs and trigger different story events.  There are a total of four hub worlds to run throughout, and each makes different use of the guinea pigs' abilities.  Within the overworld, the players can access different levels, although if not in Free Play mode the player cannot levels they already completed.

In the game's actual levels, the guinea pigs get different objectives and must follow them to progress on in the level.  All the levels provide different weapons and environments, and require the best use of the characters to progress onward.  The objective is to make it to the end of the level, but certain mini objectives must be met first to get there.  The player is not necessarily timed unless an objective says otherwise, but the player can obtain more coins if they take up less time in the level.

Within levels, guinea pigs have a hunger meter that decreases very slightly over time.  They will need to collect food if they wish to survive in the level's conditions.  If the hunger meter depletes entirely, the guinea pig faints and cannot be used anymore.  If all guinea pigs faint, either from losing all their health or from having their hunger meter depleted, a game over is ensued to the player.

There is a ranking system in the game which is reliant on getting experience points (EXP).  Upon defeating enemies, reaching the goal, or meeting mini objectives, the guinea pigs gain EXP.  By getting certain levels of EXP, the guinea pigs reach new ranks, and will have increases in their overall statistics. Each guinea pig starts out as a normal "Soldier", but can go through twenty different ranks to eventually reach "Overlord". EXP also allows the player to change classes too to suit the guinea pig's other needs; all guinea pigs start out as "Soldier" but can become "Knights", "Lancers", etc.



Name Description Statistics Moves PP
Elvis A thin guinea pig with black skin, and a very fast runner on the ground.  He's naturally weak to use to fight enemies, but he's got many strategies that don't require physical combat to fight. Advantages Speed
Speed Up
Disadvantages Power
Pecan A thick guinea pig with orange skin.  He's pretty slow, but can build up speed when moving down a hill and roll into a destructive ball.  He's also pretty powerful and serves as the brawns of the guinea pig team. Advantages Power
Disadvantages Speed


Name Description
Don Dumpet The leader of the human race is always protected by all means inside a capsule and you cannot get him by normal means.  He is guarded by many slaves and sends out various numbers of them to conquer the world with his destructive tools.  It's a priority for the guinea pigs to stop him.
Aidan A guinea pig owner who actually abuses guinea pigs and turns them into edible meat in his "Chop Shop".  Always spoken in negative ways by each and every guinea pig.  He's one of Don Dumpet's best friends.


  • The game's overall "mature" factor is the main reason why it is a spin off to the series, as the previous game was rated "everyone ten and up".

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