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Hugo Journey 2 Boxart
The game's boxart
Developer(s) Fantendo, Jurplo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Genre(s) Adventure
Single player, Multi player
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone

Hugo Journey 2 is the sequel to the game Hugo Journey. New liquids appear and new appearances.




Character Name Description Powers
Hugo by Tom Hugo Hugo the strong and brave hero is back to save Lani city from the evil Trysparrow from destroying it. He seems to be very confindent and calm. Pixel Power, Fire Power, Boat Power
Owen ACL Owen Owen the dude with telekenisis is Hugo's little brother. He loves Lani City too and wishes to stay there when he's older. Computer Power, Flying Power and Swimming Power



Power-ups only appeared through levels 1 to 7, and disappear in level 8 and after, the reason is for challenging purposes.

Picture Level Enemies Power-Ups
HugoForestLevel1 Forest Tops Bugzzwapper, Honkledoodle, Nazfleema. Hugo's Fire Power, Owen's Pixelated Power.
HugoForestLevel2 Forest River Bugzzwapper,  Rayman. Hugo's Boat Power, Owen's Flying Power.
HugoForestLevel3 Winter Forest Honkledoodle, Nazfleema. Hugo's Fire Power, Owen's Heat Power.
HugoForestLevel4 Forest Depths Bugzzwapper, Nazfleema. Hugo's Light Power, Owen's PC Power.
HugoForestLevel5 Dawn of the Forest Rayman, Nazfleema. Hugo's Fire Power, Owen's Pixelated Power.
HugoForestLevel6 Fantasy Forest  Bugzzwapper, Honkledoodle. Hugo's Light Power, Owen's Flying Power.
HugoForestLevel7 Floating Island  Bugzzwapper, Rayman. Hugo's Flying Power, Owen's Flying Power.
HugoForestLevel8 Spike Wave Grass Honkledoodle, Rayman -
HugoForestLevel9 Forest Castle Rayman, Mooney (Boss) -
HugoForestLevel10 The Secret Hut Honkledoodle, Mini-Mooney, Witchest. -
HugoForestLevel11 The Cool Side of the Forest Grilly, Silly, Billy, Chilly -
HugoForestLevel12 Dusk of the Forest Swoopineer, Deerfull -

TBA World 2


Names in different languages

Japanese: ヒューゴのクエスト (Hugo's Quest)
Chinese: 雨果与尝试麻雀 2 (Hugo VS Trysparrow 2)
French: Hugo voyage deux (Hugo Journey 2)
German: Hugo das Video-Spiel Zwei (Hugo the Video-Game 2)
Spanish: Segundo viaje de Hugo (Hugo's second Journey)


  • The game's logo is different from every other type of logo, the reason is for excitement.
  • Hugo can be seen with a Sonic the Hedgehog plush in the background in Hotel: Level 4: Hotel Room.

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