Hugo by Tom
The undead ghoul of Lani Death Town
Current Age 16 (and a half)
Gender Male
Species Human/Ghoul (present-present)
Location Lani City
Current Status Undead
Class Antagonist
Family and Relations
Owen (Brother)
Main Weapon(s) Hands, sword, bands
Ability/ies Smash Punch
Voice Actor(s)
Luke (2013-present)
First Appearance Hugo!
Latest Appearance Undead Ghouls (antagonist)
Ya know, we should REALLY adventure with more people, Owen.
Hugo, Hugo Journey 2

Hold on tight, we're gonna hit the road. We can fully relax, we have a whole truck load. Only go off when you're in the mood- NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE'RE GONNA CRASH, DUDE!



Hugo! is his first game. He has an arch-enemy called Trysparrow who tries to destroy Lani City. Hugo must go on an adventure to save the city.

Hugo Journey

Hugo Journey is his second game. It is very different from the first game and Hugo gets a black eye.

Fantendo Universe

Hugo has a confirmed appearance in Fantendo Universe.  He is a playable protagonist in the game.  His partner in the game is Nyntendo X.

Hugo is the courageous saviour of Lani City. Due to the city being so isolated from the rest of the world, Hugo is bad at meeting new people and is bad with directions, relying more off his memorized paths. While he appears strong and threatening, he is actually caring and nice. After the amnesia bomb, Hugo was carried away by Trysparrow, who attempted to brainwash him, before being saved by Nyntendo X.

Hugo Journey 2

Hugo Journey 2 is his third game. He appears as a playable character with Owen.



As a 6-8 year old

His past was actually sort of bad. He was bullied alot as a kid, he was a small guy who was shy (VERY different to now), he also got shouted alot at, because he got the blame for all the stuff that were bad at school. Outside of school, him and his 2 friends, Jake and Jack, hung out at the park. They talked about their problems and tryed to sort it out, together. He actually tryed to ignore the bullies, but it wasnt working.

As a 8-12 year old

As he got older, stuff actually got better. He still hung out with his friends though. He was going on adventures and was getting very strong. He couldn't have been bullied now, which was true, he never got bullied again. As he started looking like a bully, he was really nice, and a good friend. No people actually tried being his friend, because he looked like a bully.

As a 12-16 year old

His friend Jack had left and he made a new friend called Chase. He also started hanging out with his brother, Owen. He remembers being bullied and felt proud of himself. He also forgot about those days and carried on with a more important life, as a teenager. When he was 15, he knew there was a mystery creature, so he went on a adevnture, by him self.

As a 16-17 year old

He found there was a man called Trysparrow from Shnyzel town destroying Lani City. So he went and saved his city. He got up with his friends aswell to go Laser-taging, Go-karting and more! They also went on alot af adventures to save Lani City! He knew life was better now. He was now meeting up with some other characters from the Fanverse and the whole Omniverse. He went fighting them and more! Who knows what else is going to happen...? Well, probably not something GOOD.

17- death 

No one knows what happened that day. On the 18th June, quite a while ago, Hugo was found dead as his body entered the "New Multiverse", the area where the new stuff takes place, y'know. It is unknown why or how he was killed off, but us, the chemists and physcisists, think the most solid theory is the 'Giganta Hole', a hole that supposedly wiped out anything that was kept in the 'oldverse'. It is thought that the Lukeverse was the only thing left behind, killing off the universe. The remains of this supposed Old Lukeverse hasn't been found yet, but for now, we may rest with the knowledge that there is another Lukeverse in the New Multiverse. Quotes

  • I'm gonna save you all!
    Hugo, Hugo, Start of Hugo

  • Great! A new adventure!
    Hugo, Hugo

Relationships in the Hugo series world


His brother, they both are really powerful together.


His genius Friend, can work out 18909 X 20345 in about half a second.

Jakob (The Human)

His cool friend, they've been friends since they were 3 years old.


His enemy who trys to destroy Lani City.

Friends outside the Hugo series world

Bowie the Teddy Bear

He's a pretty cool teddy bear! They're very good friends.

Ashe the Teddy Bear

He's nice (and chubby) but sometimes he can go out of control meeting Hugo...


The bear's nice, just focuses on Netnu too much!​

Fandro (character)

A green blob, a red eye, looks evil, is an enemy to someone, why would they be enemies?

Names in other languages

Hyūgō, ヒューゴー in Japan.

Hoogeh, هوغو in Arabic