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Developer(s) User:vizro9009
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) Huggs P Huggs P3D Huggs phone
Backward Compatibility X-box games PS3 Games PSP Games Wii games PS2 Games Ps Games
Forward Compatibility 3DS Games Wii U Games

X-box 630 Games

Can play Music, Download Internet games, Go online

Huggs is a console made by 9009 Entertainment. It is a console for the Television. It is on a disc and can go on the Internet and can play music.


Pokemon Spring & Autumn

Mario Huggs

Super Fantendo Bros. Worldwide

Fantendo Riders


Mr. Chilli Halloween Court


  • The name Huggs is named after the Vizro9009's last name
  • The Huggs is getting a renaming to THE BLASTER

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