I've got a surprise attack! ...Just give me a little time to prepare
Huff N. Puff in Paper Mario

Huff N. Puff
FULL NAME Huff N. Puff

Huff N. Puff is a cloud monster of the Ruff Puff species and first appears as a boss in Paper Mario.


Super Mario World: Wii

Huff N. Puff appears in Super Mario World: Wii as the castle boss for World Eight along with his Ruff Puff minions.

Mario and Luigi: Revenge of the X-Nauts

Huff N. Puff along with his Ruff Puffs also appear in Mario and Luigi: Revenge of the X-Nauts as a boss in Cloudy Climb with 1,000 HP and 2,383 FP.

Paper Mario: The Amulets of Wonder

The cloud king who is a trade partner with Tubba Blubba.
Huff. N. Puff's tattle for the game

Huff N. Puff is first seen in Paper Mario: The Amulets of Wonder tied up in the factory. Mario soon rescues him and learns Huff N. Puff has been brain washed. Mario then sets out to find out who brain washed Huff N. Puff, and it is revealed that Scrubba, the janitor, brainwashed Huff N. Puff and caused other troubles. It should also be noted that in this game, Tubba Blubba and Huff N. Puff are trade partners.

Physical Abilities

Huff N. Puff's physical abilities include the ability to blow wind, body slam, and thunder and lightning strikes.


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