Howl of the Candy
Howl of the Candy
Sqak arguing with Sarah and Kyra whether to find the Milky Way Bar or take the savage Blinky back to the ship.
TV Series Skip and Sqak XD
Season Number 1
Episode Number 9
Writer(s) Namsean1998
Airing Date(s)
Saturday October 26, 2013
Runtime 30 Minutes
Preceding Episode Recurring Arachnophobia
Following Episode Melvin Gear Solid
Howl of the Candy is the 9th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It originally aired on October 26 2013. The story is when Sqak tries to find a rare chocolate bar before Ravi does on Halloween Night.


  • SSFF
  • WASP
  • GIRL
  • RAVI
  • Queen Kaida
  • Maid
  • Dr. Tron
  • Hip and Hop


It's halloween at Galaxian High, and all the teams are ready to go trick-or-treating tonight. The SSFF get their costumes ready for halloween; Sqak isn't wearing a costume, Skip is a poggy, Imp is a clown, Tubby is a bowl of fruit salad, Croco is a cowboy, Dib is a red devil, Robin is an asteranaut, Roshan is a Zombie Ant, Cynder is a wedding bride and Oswald is a knight.

When the SSFF go to RAVI's dorm, they see Ravi is still in search of the rare bar; the Milky Way Bar that he and Sqak spent every year trying to look but never did. Sqak vows to find the Milky Way Bar and he gathers Skip, Kyra, Sarah, and Blinky to help him. Kyra is dressed like Lara Croft, Sarah is a witch and Blinky is a werewolf.

While everyone is out trick-or-treating, the five teens go to Planet Sweety, a planet made completly out of candy. Seeing a giant mountain of candy, Sqak knew the Milky Way Bar must be somewhere on that huge pile. He and his friends begin tossing away heeps of candy to find the Milky Way Bar but no luck. Blinky, who was worried that he might fall and hurt himself off the mountain, eats chocolate for the very first time and he gets addicted to it.

Later on, Sqak still can't find the Milky Way Bar and gets a little depressed about it (in a dramatic way), while Blinky going insane over his new taste of candy and actually howls like a real wolf. When Sqak sees the Milky Way Bar on the mountain, he wants to climb up there to get it but Kyra's worried about the crazy Blinky and wants to take him home. Blinky wants to get the Milky Way Bar with Sqak.

The five go up the mountain, climbing up candy canes and cotten candy until Sqak can reach the Milky Way Bar..... until the candy cane he was standing on breaks and he falls into a pool of caramel. Skip, Kyra, Sarah and a sad Sqak then go home until they saw Blinky climbing up the mountain again to get the Milky Way Bar. Blinky does get the bar, but the whole mountain collapses and Sqak and Kyra catch Blinky right on time.

Blinky lands and rolls on the ground until he crashes into Skip and Sarah, while Sqak and Kyra land in a swamp of muddy chocolate. Sqak and Kyra were covered in chocolate but Sqak is thrilled that he finally found the Milky Way Bar but Blinky eats it whole, much to his horror. The next morning, Sqak shows Ravi the wrapper of the Milky Way Bar, but Ravi refuses to believe Sqak as he thought he got it from the garbage.

Sqak orders Blinky (who got sick from too much candy) to tell Ravi it's true but he runs to the bathroom to barf. Later, Sqak goes to Blinky still sick in his bed to apologize for not stopping him last night. Blinky goes to the bathroom to barf again, and tells Sqak he might've found his rubber ducky that Sqak couldn't find before, most likely in toilet.

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