I'm pretty sure most of us here at Fantendo would like to know how to make 3D screens, so here's my tutorial:

1. You need to have Scratch installed from here. It can be installed by looking at the top of the homepage.

2. You need to have SM64 Texture pack installed from here.

3. You should have Adobe photoshop installed, but if you do not, it's OK

4. Open Scratch and click on the scissors on the top right corner. Now click on the orange cat. It is now deleted.

5. Go to the bottom below the screen that had the cat on it and look at the left for a white square entitled "stage". Click on it and go to the top. Click "backgrounds" and then double click on the white square that says "background 1". edit the background to your satisfaction.

6. Now that you have a background, its time to make a sprite. Divide the SM64 texture pack into 7 or 8 groups to reduce lag. Click the paintbrush below your background and click "import". import the texture image you want. Create your ground terrain.

7. Put pictures of enemies and/or objects in your scene. Put a Mario sprite in there, too. You can edit the sprites to make them look different.

8. Right click on the background and click "Grab a screen region for new sprite" then click on the sprite and go onto the "costumes" tab. Right click the image and then click "export costume". Find the directory you want to add this to.

9. If you have Adobe photoshop, you can use the tools to shade in the image. If you are new to photoshop or do not have it, you can skip this step.

10. Your screen should be finished! if you have any questions, ask here!