Hova is a 3D open-world stunt game released as a launch title for the Sens in 2020. The player performs stunts using a full-body hover suit and explores a huge, futuristic open-world environment along the way.


The gameplay revolves around the player performing stunts using the EyeGear and Assistive Controller. Similarly to a flight simulator, the EyeGear is used to control the player's direction, while the Assistive Controller controls the camera and is used to perform specific tricks.

As the player is in a hover suit, they can explore limitlessly and fly around a massive world. You can choose to perform stunts in different stadiums for Campaign Points- or just take a relaxing flight across a moonlit ocean.

There is also a sandbox mode which allows the player to create courses or stunt parks that can be placed in the world.


The player can also join multiplayer servers populated by hundreds of other players. Here you can compete in your own competitions, with friends or with strangers, and even coordinate amazing group performances. The player can customize their avatar throughout the game.

Sandbox mode can also be used to create challenges for each other.


The game was received very positively for its expansive world and gameplay. The ability to cooperate or play aginst friends was also a big part of most positive reviews. IGN gave it a 9/10.


  • The game was originally based around hoverboard stunts, and then hover boots. It was eventually decided that a hover suit would allow for more fun and action, as well as "something new that couldn't be found in any other game".

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