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The hungry Houbara
Full Name Houbara
Current Age 23
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Unknown
Current Status alive
Class Unknown?
Main Weapon(s) Hands


Ability/ies Skilled at killing animals and living out in the wilderness
Height 5'09
Savage Woman

The Vulture

Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance  ???
Houbara is a mysterious woman living out in the wilderness. She has three sisters named Robin, Raven, and Crow. Unlike Crow, who simply walks the Earth, Houbara is nearly feral and refuses to live in civilization.


Houbara is a crazy looking woman with grey hair. She has a bone in the back of her wild hair and a shark tooothed grin similar to Leah Needlenam. She often has blood over her, often from her last hunt. She wears torn fur gray clothes, with a bird skull necklace around her neck and a bird skull under her white belt. She has make-shift socks made out of bandages and brown boots.


Houbara is nearly feral and rarely speaks, only growling and making animal sounds in order to attract prey. She refuses to live or depend on civilization and is hinted to be disappointed with her sisters at doing so, even in minor ways. She lives in a makeshift hut with dead animals often hanging off a string to eat later. She hates anyone from civilization and dislikes the users of guns. She, like Crow, believes clothing is an more of an auxiliary thing.

It is never revealed why she hates civilization. She is often on her hands and feet, sniffing out for animals close to her. She is illiterate but knows how to count up to 100, but does not understand the concept of a number coming after that.

She is a cannibal, although eats people rarely and only when there is literally no other food around. She treats it as a last resort and has personally said she hates the taste.


Houbara has incredible grasp of all five senses, able to sniff out tracks that are days old and can snatch a bird mid-flight. She is also fairly skilled at killing anything, from bears to humans. Although she has a spear, she prefers to use her hands and feet because it gives her more control over her kills. She is also fairly good at climbing and has climbed to the top and bottoms of mountains without the use of ropes.

Houbara is also mostly immune to any disease for unknown reasons, able to eat raw, dead animals without signs of sickness or fatigue later.



Houbara rarely sees Crow, but usually when she does it's a fight over food. Houbara has been in the wild for her entire life and frowns on Crow's rare use of modern day technology such as showers or man-made shelters. She seems to have a unusual liking to her when they're not fighting over food, probably because they share similar goals. They would probably work together if there weren't severe control issues between the two.