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Hotline Miami 3:Emergency Broadcast

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Hotline Miami 3:Emergency Broadcast
Developer(s) Monster Combo Studios,Dennaton Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) PC,MCS Manticore,MCS Leviathen
Genre(s) top-down,shooter
Release Date(s)
story mode,online mode

Hotline Miami 3:Emergency Broadcast is the sequel to the critically acclaimed hotline miami series. It was made primarly by Simple Studios with Dennaton overseeing production.


Taking place several years after the ending of the second game,emergency broadcast follows Edward Slate,the newest member of a post-apocolyptic faction called the farm.After attacking a mysterious cult who worship the now-deceased president of russia,you find a chicken mask and are haunted by the same 3 personas that haunted jacket long ago...



The mission begins with 3 survivors running away from a group of masked cultists shooting at them,you must go from cover to cover gunning down endless hordes of cultists. You must get to the end of the street to win

Obtainable Items

  • AK-47
  • GL40 Grenade Launcher
  • Jim Mask


Name Main Mask Bio
Edward Slate the eddy mask,a pheasant A survivor of the miami apocolypse,edward is the 3rd in the series to be haunted by richard(and the 2nd to be haunted by don juan and rasmus) Ending

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