While listening to Toad Harbor music, Waluigi accidently creates a hotel
Hotel Waluigi

Shovel Knight and Super Macho Man come over

Super Macho Man turns out to be evil

Waluigi and Shovel Knight must stop him


You must defeat Tall Green Mario to get this ending

Super Macho Man is ded

Waluigi buys a toaster


You most not defeat Tall Green Mario to get this ending

Suepr Macho Man is dead

Waluigi forgets to buy a toaster



Picture Information
150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez
The main hero, he can open doors and yell Waluigi Time to destroy enemies
That awesome guy all of us should know, Shovel Knight. He uses his shovel to kill things


Picture Information
Galoomba with white background op
Kingson Dededoo, the first boss of the game. He opens doors and clean clocks to harm you.

Keeby tries to eat you and the doors but you can open the doors to kill this enemy

120px-MKPC Luigi Bumble V-1-
Waluigi's Worst Enemy is a secret boss found by killing 12 Keebys and 4 Galoombas and entering the door next to the one on the top right. Tall Green Mario.
Super Macho Man and his partner white background. Turns out they tricked Waluigi into making the hotel which doomed them from the start. You must open doors to kill him. Once he is dead the hotel blows up and the game ends.


IGN -better then IGN

GameXplain - better then Andre and IGN

Super Macho Man - i hate this

Waluigi- waluigi time

Cooking Mama -11/10

Fantendo - this is the true love and life

Shrek - what fantendo said

Fryboy 123 - 8/10

Crimson the Fandraxonian 7.8/10 too much awesome

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