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Hot Air Suit
Hot air suit icon
Kind of Item Suit
First Appearance Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team
Latest Appearance Galactic Defender Rosalina
Transform the user into his/her Hot Air form

The Hot Air Suit is a suit-type power-up made after the P-Balloon from Super Mario World. It appeared for the first time in Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team as Rosalina's Super Leaf form but in Super Princess Peach: Wardrobe Warriors it eventually appeared as a separate powerup which could be used by Peach, Daisy and Rosalina to turn into Hot Air Peach, Hot Air Daisy and Hot Air Rosalina.



  • This power-up was made for the first time to be used only for female characters but it has recently reappeared in New Super Mario Bros U 2 being used by not only Peach but also Mario, Luigi and Toad. It's worth mentioning that, in this game, the suit is used the same way as the Balloon Baby Yoshi from New Super Mario Bros U

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