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Celia Mach1
Rio’s Guardian Angel
Full Name Célia Ferriera Cruz
Current Age 22
Date of Birth August 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Rio de Janeiro
Current Status Alive
Class Vigilante
O.M.E.N. Agent
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) SAMBα
Ability/ies Top-notch pilot
Incredible reaction time
Vulnerable To Not an experienced fighter
Clumsy when grounded
Gray Falcon
First Appearance Mach 1
Latest Appearance Mach 1
Time to fly, baby!!
Célia, before diving headfirst off of a building

Célia Ferriera Cruz, also known by her codename and original vigilante pseudonym Horus, is an agent of O.M.E.N. who protects the world as a vigilante hero with the help of experimental flight technology called SAMBα.


Célia is a short and wiry Brazilian whose build is clearly more suited to something other than fighting crime, with relatively muscled hands but bony arms and legs. She has naturally green almond-shaped eyes, but gels and dyes her hair to achieve her signature windswept gray hairstyle. She's usually seen with some sort of lollipop in her mouth.




Physically, Célia is actually quite weak. Additionally, she has little experience with any particular fighting styles, and can easily be overpowered when trapped. However, Célia’s reaction speed is unmatched. She is capable of making up for her physical weakness with this trait by evading attacks that would catch most other heroes off-guard. It mixes especially well with the speed and mobility of the Supersonic Aerial Maneuverability Boots α, which grant her both unrestricted movement through the skies and the initiative needed to maintain control while dodging enemy assaults. Finally, she can make up for her inability to perform forceful attacks by using SAMBα to increase the velocity of her kicking attacks with jet boosts, or can burn through enemy defenses with the very flames that normally keep her aloft.

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