"*spooky sound*"-An normal sound in game.

HorrorCross is a VR 2-player crossover horror game. It is a crossover of Resident Evil, Spooky's House of Jumpscares and The Joy of Creation: Reborn. It takes place in Silent Hill.



Leon Kennedy is kidnapped by the Federal Government, and brought to the White House itself. Greeted by the President and introduced to his new partner, Spooky, the president gives them their mission:

To stop the strange animatronics in Silent Hill.

Spooky and Leon are transported there via helicopter, and Leon can't help but hate his new partner. The helicopter lands, only to be attacked by Foxy. Leon mistakenly tries to stop Foxy by shooting Foxy. Spooky, being a horror game character herself, recognizes the pattern and shines the light in Foxy's eyes. With Foxy distracted, Leon pushes him off the building. Foxy falls into the lake, seemingly destroyed.

Playable characters


Spooky is a playable character in HorrorCross. She can go through walls and, via in-game mechanic, can recognize the Ignited Animatronics' patterns. She is unable to attack Animatronics directly, however.


Leon Kennedy is a playable character in HorrorCross. He can pick up weapons and attack Animatronics directly. He cannot recognize Animatronic patterns.


Ignited Animatronics


Chica is the fastest Animatronic. She can run at incredible speeds, and has the same pattern as TJOC:RE's.


Foxy is one of the slower Animatronics. He can run at incredible speeds when provoked. He has the same pattern as TJOC:RE's.


The slowest Animatronic in the Ignited Gang, Freddy is terrifying, to say the least. If he sees Spooky or Leon, he attempts to bulldoze them.


Bonnie is slightly faster than Freddy. He can be slowed down by turning corners a lot. He will bulldoze Leon or Spooky if they enter his sight.

Other Enemies

  • Pyramid Head
  • Spider Fetus

Rest of Plot/Levels



  • Leon x Spooky confirmed true canon OTP
  • The Ignited Animatronics have the same patterns as in TJOC:RE.

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