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Full Name Horrensia
Current Age 15
Date of Birth September 22
Gender Female
Species Popopo
Location Probably got destroyed
Main Weapon(s) Heel guns, revolver pistols
Voice Actor(s)
Hellena Taylor
Horrensia is a Popopo that is unaffiliated with any group at moment. She comes from a faraway galaxy and has been following the Polyvestals that destroyed her galaxy. Although weak in abilities and power, she battles the Polyvestals even though they are so powerful that they don't even notice her.


Horrensia has a pair of purple headphones which she is usually seen wearing. She also has a cylinder-like hat which rests behind her two massive horns. She is likely one of the few Popopos to wear high heels, which are a purple color.


Horrensia can use her horns to put stuff like marshmallows and hot dogs on. Oh wait, are we talking about combat purposes? Uh... she can use her revolver pistols and guns placed in her heels to attack. She doesn't really have any abilities of her own beyond excellent marksmanship.


A determinator in her own right, Horrensia doesn't give up even when it would probably be better to do so. She is also incredibly flirty.


  • The character first appeared on the Lapis Wiki as the leader of the Cute Team in Fighters of Lapis 7. She is not the same character seen there.
  • She is bisexual.